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8ball Fortune teller, similiar to 8ball discord bots. A ton of fun :D
version 1.0
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8ball; The 8ball fortune teller for MCPE!,

How to use: First, download the plugin, after adding it to your server plugins folder, restart the server.

You can use 8ball by saying the bot prefix in chat - you can change the bot prefix in config


  • Cooldown for bot making predictions
  • Fairly customisable plugin
  • A ton of fun :D

8ball, By Zedstar16

For help with issues, or suggestions, join the support discord at:


To edit the config, navigate to the 8ball folder in your server plugins folder, and open config.yml;

  • You can change the prefix, by default it is "8ball " (with a space so it is only triggered with more words after it)
  • You can change the message the bot sends: "bot-message"
  • You can change the cooldown of the rate players can use it at: "prediction-cooldown"
  • You can choose for the response to be a message to the player, or broadcast so everyone can see it at: "send-message-as"

using v1.0
27 May 20
the idea of ​​the plugin itself is good .. what I really wanted to know is how to add more prefixes and answers to it, because when I try to add it, it only reads the last one and ignores the others .. Someone give an example of how would it be to put mor
using v1.0
17 Mar 19
About commands, like i ask bot set day or time set day, and bot automatically sets day or night...
using v1.0
28 Jan 19
Works as described, plenty customization!
05 Feb 19
Thanks! :)

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