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Protects players with special permissions from being banned and kicked and prevents offline ban
version 2.0.0
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Plugin Description §

AdminProtect protects the administrator (players with special permissions) from being banned and kicked and prevents offline player ban.


  • Protects admins from beign kicked, banned or ip-banned
  • Protects offline players from beign banned or ip-banned (we can't check if offline players have protection permissions)
    • Players without adminprotect.banip.use.offline can't ban specified ip-adress, they can only ban specified online player nick
  • Special permissions for super-adminss (OPerators) to ban and kick players with protection
  • Prevents players banned by the specified admins from being unbanned
  • Prevents editing bans issued by specified admins
  • Temporary ban and ip-ban
  • Broadcasting kick and ban messages for all players
  • Simple ban duration setting


  • /kick <player> [reason...] – kick specified player
  • /ban <player> [reason...] – ban specified player
  • /tempban <player> <date or duration> [reason...] – temporary ban specified player
  • /banip <player or IP adress> [reason...] – ban specified IP adress or specified player's IP adress
  • /tbanip <player IP adress> <date or duration> [reason...] – temporary ban specified IP adress or specified player's IP adress
  • /unban <player> /pardon <player> – unban specified player
  • /unbanip <IP> /pardon-ip <IP> – unban specified IP adress
  • /baninfo <player|address> - displays information about player's or IP's active ban and shows can you unban him or not

More information about commands can be found in the wiki.


  • adminprotect.* – all plugin permissions
    • adminprotect.kick.protect – Protection from /kick
    • adminprotect.kick.use – Allows to use /kick
    • adminprotect.kick.use.protected – Allows to kick players with protection
    • adminprotect.ban.protect – Protection from /ban
    • adminprotect.ban.use – Allows to use /ban
    • adminprotect.ban.use.offline – Allows to ban offline players
    • adminprotect.ban.use.protected – Allows to ban players with protection
    • adminprotect.tempban.protect – Protection from /tempban
    • adminprotect.tempban.use – Allows to use /tempban
    • adminprotect.tempban.use.offline – Allows to temporary ban offline players
    • adminprotect.tempban.use.protected – Allows to temporary ban players with protection
    • adminprotect.unban.use – Allows to use /unban
    • adminprotect.unban.except.<admin> - prevents unblocking players/IPs that have been banned by <admin> (nickname must be in lowercase)
    • adminprotect.unban.except.* - Allows to unban only players/IPs that have been banned by yourself
    • adminprotect.banip.protect – Protection from /banip
    • adminprotect.banip.use – Allows to use /tbanip (only ban online players' IP and only temporary ban)
    • adminprotect.banip.use.offline – Allows to ban offline players' IP
    • adminprotect.banip.use.protected – Allows to IP-ban players with protection
    • adminprotect.banip.use.permanent – Allows to use /banip (for permanentrly ban)
    • adminprotect.unbanip.use – Allows to use /unbanip
    • adminprotect.baninfo.use - Allows to use /baninfo

Temporary ban

You can specify the ban until date in the format (for example: 03.12.2022) or you can specify the ban duration time in the special format decribed below.

Ban duration format:

  • 1s - 1 second
  • 1m – 1 minute
  • 1h – 1 hour
  • 1d – 1 day
  • 1w – 1 week
  • 1mo – 1 month
  • 1y – 1 year

Ban duration is specifying without spaces: /tban Steve 1h30m will ban Steve for 1 hour 30 minutes; /tban Steve 1w3d will ban Steve for 1 week 3 days, etc

Or you can specify only count of days (/tban Steve 13 will ban Steve for 13 days).

Prevent unblocking

If player has adminprotect.unban.except.<admin>, he will not be able to unban a player banned by <admin> (admin nick must be in lowercase). Also he will not be able to edit the ban issued by <admin>.This also applies to unblocking and editing an IP ban.

For example: adminprotect.unban.except.console will be prevent unblocking players banned by CONSOLE (CONSOLE can be changed in config.yml)

using v2.0.0
14 Aug 22
using v2.0.0
13 May 22

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Producers §
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License §
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