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Best and Advanced KillMoney Plugin For PocketMine-MP
version 1.2
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Plugin Description §


AdvanceKillMoney is really advanced and fully configurable KillMoney plugin for PocketMine-MP


  • [x] Can configure if you want to reduce money from victim or not

  • [x] Can add custom percentage that you want to deduct from victim and give it to the killer

  • [x] Supports Multiple worlds

  • [x] And many more


# AdvanceKillMoney
# Plugin By DeadBush

# Write the names of world to enable kill money on
worlds: ["world1", "world2", "world3"]

# if you keep it as off then the victim won't loose the money on death but only killer will get the money
# if you keep it true then the victim will loose certain amount of money on death and will be given to the killer
reduceMoney: "on"

# choose if the the money should be random or custom
# keep it as on to make it custom or keep it as on to make it fully random 1-100%
custom: "on"

# if you have kept custom as on then edit the values how much percentage max should be deducted from victim and given to killer no need to add % at end just add the numeric value
# if you have kept custom as off then ignore it
randomise: 40 # means the killer will get 1-40% money from the victim's account
What's new §
  • Add files via upload
    • Updated to PM 4.0.0
  • Delete src/DeadBush/AdvanceKillMoney directory
  • Update plugin.yml

using v1.1
03 Oct 21
I am trying to rate 5 star but it it keeps giving 1 star. Good plugin
using v1.1
27 Sep 21
Really Good Plugin! I appreciate your work that you have done for us!!

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.2
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @deadbushmc
License §

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