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This is a PocketMine-MP plugin which lets you make and control areas!
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


This is a PocketMine-MP plugin which lets you make and control areas!



Every area has its own priority.

Control Events

You can disable/enable events for each area!

  • Block Breaking
  • Block Placing
  • Item Drop
  • Item Pickup
  • Entity Damage
  • Entity Regain Health
  • Much more events...!


Effects are given when entering the area and cleared when they leave! You can also set it so it applies to the whitelisted player's!

Banned Items

If an item is banned in the area, they can not be used! You can also set it so it applies to the whitelisted player's!


Every area has its own whitelist!


# Configuration file for AdvancedAreas by Its123Miguel321

# Config file version (Do not edit this!)
config-version: 1.0

# The data provider is where the area data is stored.
# Accepted types of data providers: yaml, json, and sqlite
data-provider: json

# The AdvancedAreas wand item.
# Default wand item: feather
wand-item: feather

# When entering an area, the name will be shown
show-area-name: true
# How the area name will be shown
# Accepted types: title, popup, message
area-name-type: popup

# These are the default settings for areas!
# DO NOT remove any of the events!
 priority: 5
 banned-items: []
  block.break: true
  block.decay: true
  block.grow: true true
  block.update: true
  entity.damage: true
  entity.explosion: true
  entity.regain-health: true
  entity.teleport: true
  player.craft: true
  player.flight: true
  player.interact: true
  player.item-drop: true
  player.item-pickup: true
  player.sprint: true
  player.hunger: true
 effects: []
 whitelist: []

For Developers

These are the most used parts of the API!

Checks if a position is inside an area!

AreasAPI::isInside(Position $pos);

Checks if a position is in an area by name!

AreasAPI::inAreaByName(Position $pos, string $name);

Checks if the current position is still in the same area!

AreasAPI::inSameArea(Position $current, Area $previous);

Get the areas the position is in!

$areas = AreasAPI::getAreasIn(Position $pos);

How to create areas!

	string $displayName, 
	Selections $selections, 
	int $priority = -100, 
	array $whitelist = [], 
	array $events = [], 
	array $effects = [], 
	array $items = [], 
	bool $itemsForWhitelist = false, 
	bool $effectsForWhitelist = false

How to delete areas!

AdvancedAreas::getInstance()->getProvider()->delete(Area $area);

How to get all areas!



If you have any suggestions, contact me on discord! (Its123Miguel321)

Bug Report

If you have found a bug, please create an Issue!

using v1.0.0
12 Apr 24

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