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A AdvancedJoin Plugin for PocketMine-MP
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §
# AdvancedJoin

AdvancedJoin is a multifunction plugin that can execute several features when entering the server.
This Plugin have many Features:
- You can edit the join and quit messages.
- You can set which join and quit message to have for OP players, normal players or those with a permission.
- You can set whether the inventory should be cleared for each join.
- Decide if you want to be teleported to a certain world spawn when joining.
- Decide whether the life advertisement should be filled up like the hunger clubs.
- You can set whether to execute commands when joining from the console.
- You can have your own welcome message displayed.
What's new §
  • config fix
  • removed anything
  • version updated

using v1.0.9
18 Feb 19
Very useful plugin!
20 Feb 19
Thank you! Sorry for the late answer.

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