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Fully featured kill/death scoring plugin with custom death event
version 3.2.9
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Plugin Description §


Floating text leaderboards have been rewriten in verson 3.2.8, if updating... delete texts.yml in your config as there is now no use for it, it will be regenerated automaticly inside of leaderboards/ folder in your config...

If running this plugin from source, you will need the DEvirion plugin and the virion library customUI ONLY if you wish to use forms as the method to display stats

AfterLife Features

Fully featured kill/death scoring plugin with custom death event!

  • [x] The ability to sync data across muiltiple servers in a network
  • [x] Score points on Kill! (+ gain xp)
  • [x] Losse xp on Death!
  • [x] Calculates kill/death ratio
  • [x] Level up when acheved spesified amount of XP (see config)
  • [x] Commands to see your or another players' stats (suports formAPI)
  • [x] Enable floating texts to see leaderboard of stats (see commands)
  • [x] Custom eventing for kills/deaths (see Custom Event)
  • [ ] Add commands to easialy change settings in config
  • [ ] Add Level up timer (level up over time, so stay online to level up!)
  • [ ] Add Top XP Leaderboards
  • [ ] Add Longest Bow Kills & Hits Leaderboards
  • [ ] Add Display Levels beside name in chat and nametag

Custom Event

The custom event is simple, it disables the title screen to prevent accedendal quit to menu ;)

# config.yml
#choose between 'custom' or 'default'
death-method: "custom"


Command Usage Description
/stats /stats <player> Shows yours or another players stats.
/setlearderboard /setleaderboard <type> Creates a floating text at players location.
Floating Text Types
xp comming soon

Full Config

#enable floating texts.
#true: false:
texts-enabled: true

#how many players to display
texts-top: 5

#setts the title for each leaderboard
  levels: "&b< PvP Levels Leaderboard >"
  kills: "&b< Kills Leaderboard >"
  kdr: "&b< K/D Ratio Leaderboard >"
  streaks: "&b< Top Killstreaks >"

#Disables PvP at spawn... uses server default level, 
#if want to use custom level set this to false and use (no-PvP-in-level)
no-PvP-at-spawn: true

#disables PvP in spesified world
#works if no-PvP-at-spawn: is set to false
#may add worlds!
  - "world1"
  - "world2"
  - "world3"

#choose to use unique "form" or "standard" message to display stats
#methods => "form" "standard"
profile-method: "form"

#choose between 'custom' or 'default'
#custom bypasses the death 'main menu' screen and default does not
death-method: "custom"

#use built in level up system that adds levels on kill and removes level on death
#choose 'false' if you alredy have a level up plugin
#true: false:
use-levels: true

#use level up timer
#adds xp over time
#(example) stay online to gain xp
use-level-up-timer: true

#amount of xp to be given on kill
add-level-xp-amount: 50

#amout of xp to be lost on death
loose-level-xp-amount: 10

#how much xp is required for level up
xp-levelup-ammount: 1000

# How you want to store data
# - online database (use if you have more than one server and want to sync kill score across all servers)
# - local dadabase (DEFAULT) (use if you only have one single server)
# online database is complex to setup, use only if you know actly what is mysql is and how to operate a online database
# online database totorial is coming soon to help in-experienced users!

# - local - online
database: "local"

#if database is online... please enter credentials
server: "localhost"
username: ""
password: ""
database: ""

💰 Credits

Icon made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

What's new §
  • Fix kill/death ratio floating text not displaying stats.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE - read Important tab
  • Floating text leaderboards now can be set in multiple worlds
  • Contains error fixes... (why was this released before? all fixed now)
  • prevent particles form spawning in multiple worlds other than the world it was created in
  • Display stats in UI/Forms

using v3.2.9
02 Aug 19
PLEASE FIX PocketMine-MP Crash Dump Fri Aug 2 19:29:11 CEST 2019 Error: Division by zero File: plugins/Afterlife.phar/src/atom/afterlife/modules/KillCounter Line: 70 Type: ErrorException THIS CRASH WAS CAUSED BY A PLUGIN BAD PLUGIN: Afterlife v3.2.9
using v3.2.9
09 Jul 19
RIght after downloading this plugin I got this warning: [Afterlife] Please verify your SQL Credentials! [07:10:23] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: Error: "Call to a member function query() on null" (EXCEPTION) in "plugins/AfterLife.phar/src/atom/afterlife/Main"
using v3.2.9
09 Jul 19
Level system doesn’t work for me :/ though very good plugin
using v3.2.9
24 Feb 19
Pls.. update fix Bug
using v3.2.5
22 Jan 19
Nice, but can you set kill stats to some of your worlds?
23 Jan 19
you mean add the ability to display kill stats in multiple worlds? if so, that is a planned feature... possibly next update
using v3.2.1
21 Jan 19
[22:06:31] [Server thread / CRITICAL]: Error: "Call to a member function query () on null" (EXCEPTION) in "plugins / AfterLife.phar / src / atom / afterlife / Main" at line 79
22 Jan 19
make sure you have "phpmyadmin" installed and enable the mysqli extension in php.ini to use the online database... you can post in more detail on your error on github

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Supported API versions
Requirements & Enhancements
MySQL server Enhancement MySQL is an option to use as a method to store data found in config
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Atomization
  • Contributors:
    • @iShabzz102
License §

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