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Turn signs into world teleport and command signs
version 2.0.3
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Plugin Description §


AllSigns plugin features


With AllSigns, you can easily create signs which are executing commands or teleporting players into another world/to coordinates when they tap on them. It provides an easy-to-use GUI to create the signs.


  • COMMAND SIGNS Signs executing commands when players tap them
  • TELEPORT SIGNS Signs teleporting players in a specific world/coordinates when they tap them
  • USABILITY Easy to use with in-game form windows, no need to use commands or edit config files


Please see the full documentation πŸ“– for a detailed description of all features.

To create a new AllSign, place a sign and write #as into the first line. A form wizard will open where you can configure all settings for the sign.

Command Signs

To create a command sign which executes a specific command when a player touches it, just create a sign like described above.

Teleport Signs

To create a world sign which teleports a player to a specific world or coordinates, create a sign like described above.

To edit a sign, touch it with a golden pickaxe. If you want to remove a sign, just break it.

Read the full documentation πŸ“– β€’ Ask questions on Discord πŸ’¬

Upgrade from v1

The second version of AllSigns is a complete rewrite of the plugin. Because of fundamental changes in the way how the plugin works, an upgrade from v1 is not supported, meaning all signs created in v1 need to be re-created.

If you want to upgrade to v2, please delete all config files of the plugin first by deleting the plugin_data/AllSigns folder in the PocketMine directory. You can then just replace the PHAR-file of the plugin and start using v2.


Feel free to contribute if you have ideas or found an issue.

You can:

Please read our Contribution Guidelines before creating an issue or submitting a pull request.

Many thanks for their support to all contributors!



What's new §
  • Added language detection for translation system
  • Added Japanese language
  • Added Vietnamese language
  • Updated to PM API 4
  • Changed license to MIT license
  • Added Russian language
  • Updated code, PHP 8 improvements, new API improvements

New plugin version 2, including:
Please be aware that because of the full rewrite and changed functionality, an upgrade from v1 is not supported, meaning all signs created in v1 need to be re-created!

  • Full rewrite of the plugin
  • Form GUI to create command/teleport signs
  • Edit existing signs
  • Permissions for creating and using signs
  • Replacement variables for player name, world, coordinates

The second version of AllSigns is a complete rewrite of the plugin. Because of fundamental changes in the way how the plugin works, an upgrade from v1 is not supported, meaning all signs created in v1 need to be re-created.

  • Code improvements / documentation
  • Optimized code
  • New logo
  • Some API fixes
  • Updated API version
  • Bump to ALPHA12
  • Added config option for sign update interval
  • Trying to load the level if not loaded when creating a sign now
  • Bump to ALPHA10
  • Added language system
  • Corrected grammar in README (added some parts of #2)
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added support for new ALPHA8 / ALPHA9 API

Fixed a bug which made it impossible to destroy signs and creating new teleport signs doesn't require that the target world anymore

API update and better namespace names

Added icon & more compatible API versions

using v2.0.1
09 Jan 22
using v1.0.13
25 Feb 21
The complement is very good. But it lacks something to make it 5 star. Could you make the sign only teleport to one world, but detect players in more than two worlds?
using v1.0.13
12 Aug 20
using v1.0.13
01 Jul 20
doesn't work whatsoever
24 Aug 20
Please open an issue on and describe what's not working so we can investigate the problem. Thanks!
using v1.0.13
25 Mar 20
Amazing! Really helpful if Slappers aren’t working, easy to make and would recommend!
using v1.0.12
18 Feb 20
How can I do a give sign I did give {player} but don't work. Help me pls
24 Aug 20
Unfortunately, it's currently not possible because commands on signs are executed on the permission level of the player, but I've added this to the list of improvements.
using v1.0.11
16 Jun 19
Make it sign shop pls?
using v1.0.11
16 Dec 18
please respond quickly! please notify the permissions of this plugin immediately
24 Aug 20
There are currently no permissions in this plugin, so everyone can create signs. I'll add this to the list of improvements.
using v1.0.8
22 Apr 18
Nice plugin..Please update to 3.0.0-ALPHA12.. Thanks
using v1.0.8
20 Apr 18
Please update this Plugin to ALPHA12 :D
using v1.0.8
19 Apr 18
Staff Outdated
using v1.0.6
17 Dec 17
It would be better to try and load unloaded levels before deleting signs, and add a config for the Task interval
14 Feb 18
Your ideas were implemented in the latest update (v1.0.8).
using v1.0.5
27 Nov 17
This plugin stops working after a while and I keep having to create new ones
10 Dec 17
Please check your config and other plugins. No-one else has reported such an issue yet and it sounds a little bit strange, so it's likely to be a misconfiguration. Also, what do you mean with "creating new ones"?

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    • @Ree-jp
    • @kostamax27
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