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With this plugin you no longer need to worry about someone interrupting your 1vs1.
version 0.0.5
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Plugin Description §


Prevent players from interrupting other peoeple's fights.

Config / Settings

#set this to false if you don't want to send a message if someone tries to interrupt a fight
send-message: true

#set to:
#true - send the message in chat
#false - send the message as a Popup
send-in-chat: true

#this is the message that will be sent to the player who tries to interrupt
#{damager} - the player that is trying to interrupt
#{victim} - the player he is trying to interrupt
message: "The player {victim} is fighting someone else"

#if you have a CombatLogger plugin I highly suggest to match the timer with the timer for the CombatLogger plugin
#time is in seconds
timer: 15

#if you want to disable the anti-interrupt in a world just put the world name here
#If you don't want to disable the plugin in any world just leave it blank or just don't edit it
#Note: the world name must be identical to the one in game
 - "example1"
 - "example2"


  • send message when a player tries to interrupt (can be disabled)
  • can be disabled in any world
  • can change timer
What's new §
  • updated to pm5
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases disabling the server will cause an error
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases server would crash when killing a player
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases leaving would crash the server
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Update
  • Updated to PM4
  • Fixed the bug where you get "Internal Server Error" when damaging a person.
  • Added "allow-disabled-worlds" if you want to disable the plugin in other worlds.

using v0.0.5
19 Feb 24
Great plugin, but please add a feature for all worlds default disabled and you can specify which are enabled, kinda the opposite of how it is rn.
19 Feb 24
thank you for this suggestion. I will make sure this gets added in the next update
using v0.0.4
21 Nov 22
need a arena
using v0.0.2
17 Nov 21
using v0.0.1
29 Sep 21
Best plugin I've seen so far! I recommend this plugin if you're wanna make a pvp server or other gamemodes
03 Oct 21
thank you!

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Phqzing
License §
Anti-Griefing Tools

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