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A Pocketmine-MP (PMMP) plugin to prevent players from doing most known glitches.
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


AntiGlitch is an all-in-one Pocketmine-MP (PMMP) plugin made to prevent as many known glitches.


  • Features:
    • [x] Anti-Pearl Glitch (Enderpearling in certain areas in order to phase through blocks)
    • [x] Anti-PlaceBlocks Glitch (Placing blocks very fast in areas not allowed in order to get somewhere normally not accessible)
    • [x] Anti-BreakBlocks Glitch (Breaking blocks very fast in areas not allowed in order to get somewhere normally not accessible)
    • [x] Anti-CommandSpace Glitch (Putting a space after the slash in a command in order to do commands when normally not allowed)
  • Coming soon...
    • [ ] Maybe more customization in config if requested.
    • [ ] If you know any glitches please let me know and I will try to fix it.


Join the discord server for quick support, bug reports and feature requests. If you do not have discord please create an issue on github. Please keep in mind that it will take longer for me to reply on github. If you are reporting an issue with the plugin, be sure to include as many details as possible and steps to reproduce the issue.

Setup Guide

  1. To start using the plugin, download the AntiGlitch.phar file from poggit and put it into your server's plugins folder.
  2. Then all you have to do is edit to your liking the config.yml file which can be found in the plugins_data/AntiGlitch folder.
  3. After that, all you have to do is start your server.

using v1.0.1
30 Jul 21
Errors whenever you break a block, main line 130
using v1.0.1
26 Jul 21
Looks really cool, but can you fix: •Being able to put items in item frames in KnockbackFFA •doing /hub while waiting for a game of TntTag puts you in spectator once the game starts and is played out to a win.
using v1.0.1
26 Jul 21
its cool plugin.
using v1.0.0
25 Jul 21
using v1.0.0
24 Jul 21
good plugin, keep update the plugin.
25 Jul 21
Thank you, I will keep updating. Please let me know if there is any pocketmine glitch you would like me to fix.

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