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Protect your server of proxy.
version 2.0.3
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Plugin Description §


This is a plugin that blocks players who use VPN/Proxy on their PocketMine API 5 (PMMP 5) server

How to use?

To start using, you need to create an account (Free/Premium) at:

After creating the account, copy the generated key in the dashboard

After copying this key, install the plugin on your server and use the command below:

  • /antivpn setkey <key> - the <key> value, must be your account key generated in the Dashboard of

After that your plugin will be working to expel players who try to use VPN



  • enable-cache - If true, the system will save all IP addresses with and without proxy that enter the server, for faster checking (without connecting to the API) RECOMENDED
  • alert-admins - If true, it will alert all players with the permission: antivpn.alert.receive
  • alert-admin-message - The message that will be sent
  • kick-screen-message - The message that will be sent on the screen of the player expelled due to suspected VPN/Proxy

Command /antivpn

  • /antivpn
    • setkey <key>: Set your account key (from
    • whitelist
      • add: Add players who will be ignored by the system
      • remove: Remove players who are being ignored
      • list: View the list of players who are being ignored


The whitelist system is configurable via the UI (when you execute the command from the game and not from the console)

To access the UI just use: /antivpn whitelist


  • ⚠️ Players who have permission: antivpn.bypass will be ignored just like the whitelist


Supported API versions
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @RajadorDev
License §
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