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A simple plugin to save players from dying in the void.
version 1.2.0
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Plugin Description §

Keep players from dying in the void. By default, players will be teleported to the spawn point of the world they are in.


You can choose whether to save players in specific worlds by using the enabled-worlds and disabled-worldsoptions in the config. Players will not be saved from the void in any world in the disabled-worlds group. If any worlds are added to the enabled-worlds group, then any world not listed there will be disabled.

If you would rather have players teleport to the default world spawn instead of the spawn point of the world they are in, you can change the setting for use-default-world to true.

What's new §
  • Updated for compatibility with PocketMine-MP 4.0.0
  • Add better explanation of world specific settings to config.
  • Add icon info to .poggit.yml
  • Add option to send players back to default world spawn.
  • Add setting and comment for use-default-world to the default config.
  • Add visual feedback of config settings.
  • Added ability to choose worlds
  • Added icon.png
  • Better handling of config variables. This will help with code readability and potential errors.
  • Fixed all mistakes, (tested)
  • Make conditional check on allowed worlds easier to read and follow.
  • Merge pull request #2 from StarryN1ght/patch-1
    • Added ability to choose worlds
  • Properly Store disabled-worlds
  • Update
  • Update config.yml
  • Update version to reflect changes to world specific settings and ability to use the default world.

using v1.2.0
07 May 22
Can You Add Enable For All World?
using v1.2.0
16 Jan 22
using v1.1.0
15 Nov 21
Awesome" Thanks for it
using v1.1.0
14 Jul 21
The plugin is very good!! The comment below mine is very helpful! thank you!! <3
using v1.1.0
20 Jun 21
Really useful plugin. For those who do not know how to put the worlds in the plugin_data, this is how they should be put: ["world","SkyWars","BedWars"]
using v1.1.0
04 Dec 20
using v1.1.0
20 Nov 20
Can you update it please!!! It does not work! I'm using the latest version of pocketmine. When I enter the void I die even if I'm in creative
using v1.0.0
07 Apr 19
Can you make it like when you fell down to void in a world it tp you to the default world's because it'll b awsome if that happens
using v1.0.0
26 Mar 19
How would be that this only works in a certain world?
26 Mar 19
I'll see about adding that feature. Thanks for the feedback.

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @95CivicSi
  • Contributors:
    • @DuoIncure
    • @StarryN1ght
License §

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