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A plugin to use anvils as in vanilla
version 1.0
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Plugin Description §


A PocketMine-MP plugin that allows you to use the Anvil.

🌟 Features

Includes all anvil vanilla functions:

  • Renaming: Allows you to change the name of the items to a customized one.
  • Repair: Repairs tools by sacrificing items or materials of the same type.
  • Enchantments: Enchant books to be able to apply enchantments to different tools, as well as transfer enchantments from one tool to another.
  • XP consumption: Consumes the player's XP based on the modifications made to the object.
  • Dynamic damage: The anvil will suffer damage with each use, breaking when it reaches its minimum durability.

🐛 Known bugs

Sometimes when modifying the object name it is not recognized by the server side. It is easier to happen when modifying only a few letters of the name.

using v1.0
19 May 24
Good! 👍
using v1.0
02 Feb 24

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Vanilla Mechanics

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