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You can save items to backpack
version 1.5.0
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Plugin Description §


You can save items to backpack anywhere!


Anywhere you can save items to backpack. Also you can withdraw items :D Each of backpack have their own ID that mean you can share with another people!

How to use

Open crafting table and place leather like


Then create chest named 'Backpack'.

Then create chest named 'Backpack'. But it is not activated. To activate, tap somewhere with holding it.

Then, then large chest window will be displayed.

Also you can open with command /backpack (To enable command, write allow-open-with-command to true)

Deposit items with backpack, then close.

Reopen chest. you can withdraw items

What's new §
  • Support MySQL database for saving type
    • Multiple servers can share backpacks
  • Can open specific backpack with command!
    • Player can open specific backpack by id with command (can configure
    • whether permission is needed)
    • Remove changing item name from config
  • Check config version
  • Crafting issue fix, some systems are changed
    • You need to activate to use backpack since this version
  • Now backpack can save on database!
    • Support saving backpack on database
    • Backpack has own ID. so you can share it with another people!
  • Supported opening backpack with command

using v1.5.2
16 Oct 19
Anyone who is having this issue in console "[04:58:45] [Server thread/NOTICE]: [AnywhereBackpack] Configuration file is not up to date. please delete and restart again." go down to the bottom of your config.yml and there will be 1.5.1 change it to 1.5.2
using v1.5.2
12 Aug 19
Old configuration file please remove and reload server, 10 tries later, wtf
using v1.4.3
24 Jan 19
Some days ago it WAS good. But now Bagpack don't open. I dont know why.
24 Jan 19
thank you for reporting. please submit issue on github with more information.
using v1.4.3
21 Jan 19
How do I save the backpacks on Databases so I have the same backpack on 2 Servers? Very Nice Plugin!
21 Jan 19
thank you for comment. you mean sharing database between two servers? i haven't developed the function. i'll develop soon! thank you for your advice :D
using v1.2.1
19 Jan 19
It's good. But if I reboot server, backpack has reseted
19 Jan 19
thank you for comment. please delete save folder and restart your server again. save folder is in plugin_data.
using v1.1.0
06 Jan 19
Hello friend! Do you have discord? My have a little question, or add my: Steelfri_031#9472 thank ;)

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