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Adds fully functional ArmorStands to your Pocketmine-MP Server. Supports the MyPlot Plot-Protection
version 1.2.10
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Plugin Description §


Adds a fully functional ArmorStand to your Pocketmine-MP Server

Why "ArmorStandExpanded"?

At the moment you get a fully functional ArmorStand just like you would expect an fully functional ArmorStand. The Reason for the "Expanded" is that this Plug-in is not yet at the end of its Development. I plan to add some additional Functions and Gadgets.

Let yourself be surprised.

What can I do with the ArmorStand?

As you would surely expect, you can equip it with your Armor for Storage or to show off. All you need to do is take your Item in hand and right-click on the ArmorStand. The armor Parts are immediately put in their correct Place.


The OffHand can also be equipped with the following Items:

  • Arrows
  • Maps
  • Fireworks
  • Shields
  • Totem of Undying

These Things are also put in the OffHand automatically


All Items that do not have an allocated Space, as mentioned above, are placed in the MainHand

How do I get my stuff back?

Just like you got it on. Right Click on the Part you want to have and that's it.

The OffHand item can only be taken when the MainHand is empty. (Its a secret TODO, pshh...)

How can I break the armor stand?

Its an Entity. Treat it like an Entity.

Hit the ArmorStand until it breaks. That’s it. All items are dropped along with the ArmorStand

How can i set the Pose?

Thats easy. Just give it a RightClick while you are sneaking.

The armor stand has 12 poses that are switched through with each right click

What about the PlotProtection?

Since the ArmorStand is usually not implemented in Pocketmine-MP, it is not checked by the MyPlot PlotProtection.

ArmorStandExpanded does this for you.


ArmorStandExpanded now have some Events you can use for your further ServerLogic. They are under the namespace HighTec\ArmorStandExpanded\events.

Very simple to Use, you can suprise your Players with unusual Drops, forbids them to ruin the pretty Part and so on...

     * @param ArmorStandExpandedBreakEvent $ev
    public function onBreak(ArmorStandExpandedBreakEvent $ev){
        $ev->setDrops([ItemFactory::get(Item::DIAMOND_AXE), ItemFactory::get(Item::CAKE)]);

     * @param ArmorStandExpandedChangeItemEvent $ev
    public function onItemChange(ArmorStandExpandedChangeItemEvent $ev){

     * @param ArmorStandExpandedPlaceEvent $ev
    public function onPlace(ArmorStandExpandedPlaceEvent $ev){

     * @param ArmorStandExpandedPlayerChangePoseEvent $ev
    public function onChangePose(ArmorStandExpandedPlayerChangePoseEvent $ev){


  • [x] Add Events for equip, remove, change Pose, place and break
  • [ ] Add some additional Functions and Gadgets
  • [ ] ... (Make suggestions 😉)


If you have any Requests or Suggestions, or if you notice an Error, feel free to contact me via Discord or open a new Issue.

DiscordID: HighTec#7159

What's new §
  • Update ProtocolVersion
  • Version Bumb
  • Update ProtocolVersion to 448, Version Bumb
  • Update ProtocolVersion to 440
  • Change Protocol-version to 431
  • Animate ArmorStand-Hit.
    • This is a Workaround, as the Vibrating doesnt work correctly since 3.18.0
  • Change Protocolversion to 428, Version Bumb
  • fix doubled Armorstand and Content when Damager is in CreativeMode
  • fix change Pose in SpectatorMode
  • Version Bumb
  • Update to Protocol Version 422, Version Bumb
  • Fix for #13, Version Bump
    • ArmorStands can no longer take damage from fire
    • They can no longer be broken down in Spectator mode
  • Update to Protocol Version 419. Fix #12
  • forgot version
  • Add Events for the ArmorStand
  • Fix collaboration with other Entity-Plugins. They can be beaten now ;-)

using v1.2.9
20 Jul 21
is not hand the armor stand
using v1.2.7
28 Apr 21
Pay attention! You can easily duplicate items with this plugin.
13 May 21
Please dont write wrong Reviews. Just use the latest Version and there is no DuplicationBug. This was already fixed in 1.2.5 And this Bug was only working in creativeMode. If you have some Issues with this Plugin please create a Issue on Github instead of reporting it via Reviews
using v1.2
13 Oct 20
Works perfekt! Thank you for this awesome plugin
13 Oct 20
Thank you for this awesome Review ;-)
using v1.2
13 Oct 20
using v1.1
09 May 21
using v1.1
12 Oct 20
i didnt used plugin but it should be perfec :D
using v1.1
12 Oct 20
Very nice for faction / plot servers :D
12 Oct 20
Thats right :-) Thank you

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