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Helps to prevent lag on your server!
version 0.0.10
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Plugin Description §


AutoInv is a PocketMine-MP plugin that aims to reduce the amount of lag caused by item entities on your server. This is achieved by adding items directly to players' inventories when they break a block, kill another player or are near an explosion. All of these options are easily configurable in the Settings file that is automatically generated by the plugin when it is first installed, by default AutoInv will only add items directly to players inventories when they break blocks (explosion and death drops can be enabled in the config too).

Development Versions

You can grab the latest (compiled) development builds of AutoInv over on poggit!


Found a problem with AutoInv? Make sure to open an issue on the issue tracker and we'll get it sorted!

What's new §
  • Update to API 3.0.0 & bump to v0.0.10
  • Remove built in ColorUtils in favour of PocketMines TextFormat::colorize()
  • Bump to support 3.0.0-ALPHA12 (v0.0.9)
  • 3.0.0-ALPHA11 support
  • Bump version to 0.0.8
  • Change repo name to AutoInv-PocketMine
  • Stop tracking phpstorm stuff
  • Add non-player entity drop handler, bump to ALPHA10
  • Bump to v0.0.7 and update file headers
  • Fix typo in player death handler
  • Add support for API 3.0.0-ALPHA9
  • New inventory full alert messages
    • Ability to send players a message, popup, tip or title accompanied by (for now only) the enderman teleport sound
  • Update license version (GNU v3)
Initial version

using v0.0.10
17 Aug 21
Excellent plugin, does its job, does not cause errors and is easy to configure.
using v0.0.10
26 Jun 21
Incredible plugin!
using v0.0.10
20 Jan 20
using v0.0.10
23 Mar 19
it helps my server reduce lag! Thank you!!! :D
using v0.0.10
16 Feb 19
Works perfect! Well done!

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License §
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