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Automatically pickup blocks and experience in your Pocketmine-MP server!
version 1.1.2
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Plugin Description §


• Automatic item collection: Items dropped from blocks are directly added to the player's inventory.
• Inventory handling: When the inventory is full, a customizable popup message is displayed to the player.
• Experience management: Automatically adds experience points to the player when eligible.


AutoInventory works seamlessly in the background once installed. Simply join the game and
start collecting items automatically. If your inventory becomes full, a helpful message will
notify you.


# Config Version (DO NOT TOUCH)
version: 1.1.1
# Message type for full inventory message. Available options: title, actionbar, chat
message_type: title
# full inventory message: use '&' symbol for color codes
full_inventory_message: "&cYour inventory is now full!"
# auto collecting experience true = enable, false = disable
auto_experience: true
# list the worlds you want to enable the plugin on.
  - world
  - world2
# list the worlds you want to disable the plugin on.
  - world3
What's new §
  • Fixed a bug where breaking a block in a protected area from another plugin would result in duplication.
  • Added Entity AutoXP
  • Added Player AutoXP
  • Added Entity AutoInventory
  • Added customizable message types (actionbar, chat message, title = default)
  • Made block mining with full inventory cancel (configurable)
  • Fixed duplication bug
  • Added automatic configuration updater (this will be for future additions, this will prevent any issues whenever something new is added into the config.)
  • Bumped to v1.1.0

using v1.1.1
27 Jun 23

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @iLVOEWOCK
License §
Admin Tools
World Editing and Management

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