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A PocketMine-MP plugin that automatically restart your server once the chosen time is up
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


A PocketMine-MP plugin that automatically restart your server once the chosen time is up and who transfers your players to the IP and PORT chosen just before restarting !


You can choose in the config the delay between each restart in minutes, the message if you want one to be broadcasted every 10 mins if the time to reboot is > 5 mins and to what IP and PORT are the players transferred just before the restart.

Something that you can do is transfer them to the server that is going to be restarted by leaving "default" to serverIp and serverPort in the config.


This plugin is calling the following events:

  • PreRestartEvent: Called when the time is up and the server is going to restart, you can cancel this event and set a new delay in mins
use miste\autorestarter\event\PreRestartEvent;

  To cancel server reboot and re schedule it 30 mins after
  NB: If you forget to setDelay() the event will be called the next min

public function onPreRestartEvent(PreRestartEvent $ev){
  • MidRestartEvent: Called once all the players have just been transferred and before the plugins are disabled. It can be very useful to deal with configs to save your players data. You can get all the transferred players by doing getTransferredPlayers()
use miste\autorestarter\event\MidRestartEvent;

public function onMidRestartEvent(MidRestartEvent $ev){
        foreach ($ev->getTransferredPlayers() as $playerName){
          //your code here


If you want to reboot the server at any time you can call the method AutoRestarter::restart(Server $server, ?string $serverIp = "default", ?int $serverPort = 19132);

  This will restart the server and transfer all the players online to
use miste\autorestarter\AutoRestarter;

AutoRestarter::restart($this->getServer(), "", 19132);

  This will restart the server and transfer all the players online the IP and port provided in the config.
use miste\autorestarter\AutoRestarter;


NB: This plugin doesn't work on Windows. You need pcntl extension to be enabled and compiled with PHP (by default on PM binaries).

using v1.0.0
09 Nov 20
Hmmm. @MisteFr, the plugin doesn't seem to open the server once the chosen time is up. But I understand (unlike all the noobs here xD) that it is impossible to make a plugin forcing the server to close and open back up as that action is done via hosters.
using v1.0.0
13 Aug 20
Can you add like start the server after it close because it didn't even restart it closed the server properly
using v1.0.0
22 Jun 20
The Plugin stopped the server only, but its dont restart the server!
using v1.0.0
05 Feb 20
Very nice plugin!
using v1.0.0
15 Feb 19
Can you add like, it restarts server and opens it again
using v1.0.0
29 Aug 18
Gg :D des français sur poggit maintenant xD
29 Aug 18
Et oui ! (Hesite pas à check mon github)
using v1.0.0
27 Aug 18
god job
28 Aug 18
Thanks !
using v1.0.0
26 Aug 18
27 Aug 18
Thanks !

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