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A chat filter which can block certain things
version 1.2.16
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Plugin Description §


BadWordBlocker plugin features


BadWorkBlocker is a chat filter suitable for every server to keep the chat clean from swear words and spam. It can prevent swear words, sending the same message twice, sending too many messages and using caps lock. It's highly configurable for nearly every needs.


The main features of this plugin are:

  • SWEAR FILTER Block messages containing swear words (specified in the config file)
  • BLOCK SAME MESSAGES Show a warning to the player if he tries to send the same message twice
  • PREVENT SPAM Prevent spam by preventing the player to send messages in an interval shorter than specified in the config
  • ANTI CAPS Filter messages containing too much uppercase letters


All settings can be changed in the config.yml-file, there are no commands:

# Language of the plugin messages
# Possible options are: en (English), de (German), fr (French), ru (Russian), tr (Turkish), id (Indonesian)
language: "en"

# List of the blocked words
  - "fuck"
  - "shit"
  - "bitch"

# Ignore spaces in messages when checking for swear words / spam
ignorespaces: true

# Show the player which word has been blocked
showblocked: false

# Minimum time between chat messages in seconds
waitingtime: 2

# Percentage of uppercase chars in a message required to trigger caps checker
uppercasepercentage: 0.75

# Minimum amount of chars in a message required to activate caps checker (to avoid blocking HI, OK, etc.)
minimumchars: 3

# After how many violations against the chat filter, a player should be kicked/banned - set to 0 to disable
# Violations are reset after a server restart
  kick: 0
  ban: 0
  resetafterkick: true # reset violations after kick (this disables banning if kick-count is lower)

Read the full documentation 📖Ask questions on Discord 💬


Feel free to contribute if you have ideas or found an issue.

You can:

Please read our Contribution Guidelines before creating an issue or submitting a pull request.

Many thanks for their support to all contributors!



What's new §
  • Added language detection to translation system
  • Fixed description

Previous changes:

  • Fixed ban feature
  • Changed license to MIT license
  • Changed deprecated pre command event to CommandEvent
  • Added PHPStan, PHP_CodeSniffer, CI for better code quality
  • Updated translation management
  • Fixed ban feature
  • Changed license to MIT license
  • Changed deprecated pre command event to CommandEvent
  • Added PHPStan, PHP_CodeSniffer, CI for better code quality
  • Updated translation management
  • Updated to API v4
  • Added tell aliases #16
  • Updated code to PHP 8
  • Updated translation system to use default language if not available
  • Added checks for tell/me command, #14
  • Added option to output the blocked word to the player, #15
  • Implemented #10 kick/ban option
  • Added Indonesian language
  • New logo
  • Improved code documentation
  • Added permissions so OP's can bypass chat filters
  • Fixed issue where chat messages weren't sent without any message to the user
  • Updated API version
  • Added french language
  • Bump to ALPHA10
  • Added Russian as possible option in thconfig
  • Create ru.yml
  • Add bit** in badwords
  • New version, language system, fixes #3, incompatible to old config
  • Updated README

Added icon & more compatible API versions

using v1.2.12
26 Jul 21
bAdWoRdBlOcKeR go brrr
using v1.2.10
28 Aug 20
using v1.2.9
29 Mar 20
using v1.2.6
21 Jul 18
it doesnt work with some words but its good.
using v1.2.3
06 Mar 18
Great for a family friendly server. Extra protection against bad language. Well done!

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Producers §
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    • @jarne
  • Contributors:
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    • @KygekDev
    • @Vecnavium
    • @XuPaperCup
    • @robske110
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