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Simple plugin to ban a command from a specific world.
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


Simple plugin to ban a command from a specific world.

How to use the plugin?

  • frist you need to ad dthe command who u want to banned it, Usage: /bancommands addcmd <cmd>, Note: add command with slash same as "/mycommand".
  • well, command added if you want remove it, Usage: /bancommands rmcmd <cmd>.
  • great, now you need to add world name who you want banned the command in it, Usage: /bancommands addworld <cmd> <worldName>.
  • If you wanna to see the list of prohibited worlds from a specific command, Usage: /bancommands list <cmd>.
  • ok if you wanna remove the world, Usage: /bancommands rmworld <cmd> <world>.
  • also you can display a commands list, Usage: /ban commands help.

Commands List

Command Permission aliases
/bancommands bancommands.command bc
/bancommands help bancommands.command
/bancommands addcmd <cmd> bancommands.command
/bancommands rmcmd <cmd> bancommands.command
/bancommands addworld <cmd> <world> bancommands.command
/bancommands rmworld <cmd> <world> bancommands.command
/bancommands list <cmd> bancommands.command

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using v1.0.0
27 Apr 22

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