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Bans players if they have more than an specific amount of Warn Points
version 1.2.3
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Plugin Description §


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Why did I submit this really old plugin? I want to see if people are still interested in it, and if that is the case, rewrite it. This currently doesn't ban player names or xbox identifiers, due to it being very old.


Warns a player

Usage: /warn <PlayerName> <Reason> [Points]

Permission: BanWarn.command.warn


Outputs info about the warnings a player has

Usage: /warninfo <PlayerName>

Permission: BanWarn.command.warninfo

Alias: /wi /warni

/warnpardon: (1.2.0 and above only)

Pardons a player or removes warns

Usage: /warnpardon <PlayerName>

Permission: BanWarn.command.warnpardon

Alias: /wp /warnp

What's new §
  • API 3 & fix travis

using v1.2.3
27 Aug 21
Excellent complete, very useful and necessary on your server. How about self-moderation: every time a user says a blocked word, they are sent a warning.
using v1.2.3
22 Aug 20
For people having problems with the reason and not being able to write a sentence put "" around the sentence
using v1.2.3
22 Jul 19
I love the plugin, but I tried to create a sentence for a warning and when I click enter, usage /warn <playername> then reason and points. i can't type a sentence for a warning
using v1.2.2
31 Mar 18
I really like this plugin, and I still use it, would love to see a rewrite with tempban, more customization ect.
03 Apr 18
Yea, this is a very old plugin and I just wanted to see how many would still use it, and it appears it is still well received. So I guess I'll start to rewrite this soon(ish).

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  • Contributors:
    • @dktapps
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    • @Aericio
    • @SalmonDE
    • @brandonlui19
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