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A plugin that makes money into an item to trade with!
version 2.0.3
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Plugin Description §


General info

Turn your EconomyAPI money into items to trade them! Right-Click to deposit a note and type /note {amount} to get a note. You can change the lore/name/ID of the banknotes in v1.1.0 and up and you can change all the messages in V1.2.0 and up.

You will need EconomyAPI for this to work!

This is just a simple, but fun plugin.

All notes from v1.0.0 won't be recognized in v1.1.0 or later! This plugin is now v2.0.0 and is complete. I've now added everything planned and more and i have no more ideas for the plugin so i can now truely call it complete. If you do have a good idea feel free to suggest it. If there are any bugs, please report them and i will fix them as soon as possible.


This plugin doesn't require a setup, as it works when you install it, but there now is a config where you can change some visual stuff if you want to.

The first section contains settings for the notes. You can change the ID, custom name and custom lore for the note item.

The second section allows you to change most of the messages of the plugin. This is usefull if you want to translate the plugin ur even just change the looks of the messages.

The third section contains advanced settings, currently allowing you to reset economy by changing the economyid. Also, enabled by default, the compatibility setting makes sure banknotes from v1.1.0 still work.

For developers

Recently, i've added some API related stuff to make life easier should you want to make a plugin that works with banknotes.

Firstly, make sure you added use AndreasHGK\BankNotes\BankNotes; to be able to acces BankNotes.

Here are some functions you can call:

$bn = BankNotes::getInstance();

* @return int $version

* @return int $noteVersion

* @return int[] $compatibleVersions

* @param item $note
* @return bool $isValid

* @param int $value
* @return item $noteItem

To see all functions, i recommend checking out BankNotes.php

What's new §
  • Fixed an exploit

api actually works now

  • bugfix: undefined var on note creation

using v2.0.3
08 May 21
Good plugin but dupe glitch is still not fixed :|
using v2.0.3
12 May 20
Very nice plugin
using v2.0.3
09 Jul 19
Il plugin presenta bug di duplicazione esempio /note 1000.1000
09 Jul 19
Please report bugs on github and in english. From what this looks like it seems you're talking about a fixed bug
using v2.0.1
29 Sep 18
Good but dont forget update your DESCRIPTION !!!! "This plugin is now v2.0.0" haha its 3.2.3 rn
30 Sep 18
this is actually the plugin version and not the API
using v1.0.0
16 Jun 20
Hello, can you help me I'm setting some crates and I need banknotes to put there but I only know the ID how do I put like Money on it, like 339 (amount) something like that please respond.
using v1.0.0
02 Jul 18
14 Sep 18
Thank you! A new version is already finished, just waiting for it to get reviewed.
using v1.0.0
27 Jun 18
Great plugin so far
14 Sep 18
Thank you! A new version is already finished, just waiting for it to get reviewed.

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.2
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License §

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