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A new BedWars plugin for PocketMine-MP by XenialDan
version 1.1.7
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44 Reviews
Plugin Description §

BedWars wide banner!

A new BedWars plugin by XenialDan

Please before giving a bad rating check and for solutions!


Set up an arena: Use the command /bw setup to open an ui, where you can add, create and modify arenas.

It allows you to create item spawners, set team spawn points, build in the world and create villager shops.

Remember to use /bw endsetup when you are done - it automatically saves and backs up the world.

There are {arenaname}.json files, where you can modify some settings like team damaging and breakable blocks.

Joining / Sign setup

Joining is done by using signs, but you can add any event for joining that you'd like - in JoinEventListener.php

Sign setup:

L1: [BedWars]
L2: mapname

Rewards and win messages

If you want to give rewards to the winning player/team, you can either listen for the WinEvent in any plugin, or use gamereward

FAQ / Common issues

  • Villager is moving / can not open shop: Don't use any AI plugin next to this plugin
  • No blocks in world: Use a world editor
  • How to set beds? Go into arena edit mode, select build. Place beds. Change to Set-Spawnpoint mode. Break beds. Done
  • How to change the shop? See and TODO list


  • [ ] Settings for villager shop (entity used, items)
  • [ ] Spectator mode
  • [ ] Scoreboard
What's new §
  • Add support for PM3.14 / MCPE 1.16
  • Added support for PMMP API 3.13
  • I now accept donations for the plugin (see GitHub)
  • Introduced PHPStan Level 1 to fix some issues
  • Added a '/bw join' command
  • Fixed the icon
  • Update gameapi dependency to support MCPE 1.12+

using v1.1.7
22 Jul 21
Please fix. Every time I join the game it says internal server error. I am on the latest version of pocket mine.
using v1.1.7
19 Jun 21
How can i fix internals server error when clicking the sign
using v1.1.7
22 May 21
awsome plugin but it would be grate if you could add it so you can chose what items spawn and add diamond spawners!
using v1.1.7
19 May 21
The truth is that it is very good, but if it is called bedwars you must have the option of establishing the beds of each team, Also, when you want to set the spawn of team No. 8, I don't remember its color but nothing happens and the villagers don't work.
using v1.1.7
27 Apr 21
Plugin Crashed My Server Indemnity!!!! LOL it's Just a Trickery I'm happy with this plugin So Plis Fix This Plugin
using v1.1.7
19 Apr 21
Plugin works fine but 1 thing doesnt works. Everytime if i die I respawn at the worldspawn please fix
using v1.1.7
30 Mar 21
Whenever I win / lose a round the map is not saved and an internal server error occurs, update it and it gets 5 stars
using v1.1.7
28 Mar 21
easy setup but when I go to join through the sign it says inaccessible Players[0/0]
using v1.1.7
11 Feb 21
The Aqua Spawn set block doesn't seem to work!
using v1.1.7
12 Oct 20
can u please add a random arena join command please! (like /bw join random)
using v1.1.7
04 Sep 20
when players die it says "no spawn set, using original world sapawn!" and then you teleported to the worldspawn(wich is mid) please hix that
using v1.1.7
29 Aug 20
Shop refused to spawn
using v1.1.7
08 Aug 20
Hello, this plugin very good, but when I want kill player server crashes with error: Internal Server Error. Players spawns in the spawn of the world, villagers reset their rotations! Please fix it and get 5 star!
using v1.1.7
07 Aug 20
very nice plugin, more could put a scoreboard, when dies not having the red screen and having the count to be reborn for example: you will be reborn in 5 seconds, and also put the config.yml to edit the messages
using v1.1.7
26 Jul 20
Good wish i can use beds like the original bedwars
using v1.1.7
19 Jul 20
Very nice, but when the players die, they respawn in the world spawn point What should I do? And there are no settings in the config.yml
using v1.1.7
12 Jul 20
Extremely good plugin
using v1.1.7
09 Jul 20
Plugin is really awesome! Could you add a command to Change the Shop? 5 Stars when yes :D
using v1.1.7
07 Jul 20
Good job, but the shops are despawning when you leave the world or when you click and open the shop
using v1.1.7
05 Jul 20
Please make sure that there is a phase with the join sign, e.g. lobby for lobby phase restart for restart phase and starting for starting phase and so on. In addition, please do that with joinsign, how many people are in the world and how many can get in.
using v1.1.6
04 Jul 20
Hi, This Plugin is great but when I try joining through a sign it kicks me for (Internal Server Error) Can you please fix this apart from that this plugin is great!
using v1.1.6
29 Jun 20
Not good, doesn't work, plus makes everything in server delete sometimes and most times when trying to see up u can't even place blocks and this happens PERMANENTLY
using v1.1.6
28 Jun 20
I made a new Arena and loaded in and i couldn't place anything/there where no blocks at all.
using v1.1.5
14 Jun 20
really good plugin, however I have a problem. I placed beds but when you die you dont go to the beds even if their not broken.
17 Jun 20
You have to properly set the spawn points in the setup mode. Break the beds to register them
using v1.1.5
24 May 20
Plugin is great but the Shop Villager doesn't work. But other than that no complaints ! Great work !
17 Jun 20
Remove your AI plugins
using v1.1.5
24 May 20
Really good, but one problem: If I make a blank world, I can't place bocks because there's no surface to place them on. Maybe put a block of bedrock in the middle, as PM doesn't have fill or setblock
using v1.1.5
27 Apr 20
I can spawn village
using v1.1.5
01 Apr 20
I type /bw setup and chose new arena, that isint work.
17 Jun 20
Check GitHub for solutions
using v1.1.4
03 Apr 20
Shop Villager Not working and the villager is moving
17 Jun 20
Remove your AI plugins
using v1.1.3
12 Jun 20
Hi, when i'm trying to join a game with the join sign, it gets me internal server error, can you please tell me why ? I've done all, spawn, spawners and shop villagers...
17 Jun 20
Update your plugin. please consider changing your stars
using v1.1.3
11 May 20
Who ever the creator is what is the command to start the Bedwars game cause it's not working
17 Jun 20
/bw forcestart. Please update your review. Next time try the /help command.
using v1.1.3
10 Jan 20
How do you edit villagers shop as I've tried code it going on json file but nothing there except from break blocks max players all that help pls but Awesome Plugin.
03 Feb 20
Sadly currently you can only edit them in the code. It might change in a future update, make sure to check the GitHub from time to time
using v1.1.3
09 Jan 20
Good plugin, but how players can earn money when they win.
03 Feb 20
Thank you. You have to install and load the server once, then save + stop, and edit the gamereward config to run commands (executed as console)
using v1.1.3
04 Jan 20
you can make it, it works until you fall and die or will respawn in the same map not in server lobby map and plugin does not reset map
03 Feb 20
The bug has been reported before.
using v1.1.3
25 Dec 19
great plugin were can i found the addons ?
03 Feb 20
There are no addons. If you mean libraries/virions, check the README or my GitHub profile
using v1.1.3
13 Dec 19
Please add UI shop and win Msg and other stuff
03 Feb 20
The shop is in an Inventory. Win messages are broadcasted via Title. If you need further win messages, install the plugin gamerewards
using v1.1.3
07 Dec 19
12 Dec 19
Many thanks, i hope you enjoy!
using v1.1.3
04 Dec 19
This plugin looks amazing! The only downside is that i cant use it. Everytime i go to .bw setup, and then click existing server my game crashes and sais ”eternal error” please help, looks sick
12 Dec 19
Please create an issue and provide a crash log at github
using v1.1.3
30 Oct 19
Great but after setting up i cant place blocks in any world. Skyblock skywars and survival maps are ruined. Need8ng help
31 Oct 19
Have you set it up correctly? (/bw setup) Please create an issue on github
using v1.1.3
25 Oct 19
12 Dec 19
Many thanks!
using v1.1.3
09 Oct 19
Great plugin. But how to use the gamereward plugin? Please explain.
12 Dec 19
Could you create an issue on the repo? I might need to enhance the readme
using v1.1.3
21 Sep 19
Never seen plugins more comfortable and faster to use
05 Oct 19
Many thanks! Please leave a message on GitHub if you experience issues or have feature requests
using v1.1.3
02 Sep 19
please update, add new config variable and features (kits, tittle, config game in UI menu)
06 Sep 19
Please consider reporting bugs on github, this way it is easier for me to fix

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