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BedcoreProtect is a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool. Rollback and restore any amount of damage
version 0.5.2
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Plugin Description §


BedcoreProtect is a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool for PocketMine servers. Rollback and restore any amount of damage.


  • Fast efficient data logging.
  • Fast rollbacks.
  • No configuration required. Put the plugin on your server, and you're good to go.
  • Multi-language support.
  • User interface (UI) support.
  • SQLite based data storage.
  • Optional MySQL support.
  • Easy to use commands.
  • Perform rollbacks AND restores. Undo any rollback, anytime.
  • Easy to use block inspector
  • Advanced search-based lookup tool.
  • Paginated logs.
  • Automatic update checker.
  • Multi-world support.
  • Enable or disable any aspect of logging in the configuration file.
  • Rollback per-player all damage around you.
  • Specify certain block types to skip in rollbacks/restores.
  • Restrict rollbacks/restores to specific block types
  • Log basic player actions (such as when a player opens a door)
  • Liquid tracking. Associate liquid flow with players
  • Restrict rollbacks/restores to a radius area.
  • Able to track blocks that fall off of other blocks. If a player breaks a block that had a sign on it, both the block and the sign can be rolled back.
  • Easily delete old log data.
  • Safe default parameters. Rollback or restore multiple players at once.
  • Lookup, rollback, or restore by a specific action.
  • Exclude multiple blocks.
  • BlockSniper support.

...and much more!!

What does it log?

  • Log blocks broken by players
  • Log blocks placed by players
  • Log natural block breakage (ex: if a sign pops off a dirt block that was broken)
  • Log bucket usage
  • Log liquid flow
  • Log explosions
  • Log flint & steel
  • Log fire igniting blocks
  • Log blocks burning up in fires
  • Log block movement (Falling sand/gravel)
  • Log leaves decay
  • Log player interactions
  • Log items taken or placed in chests, furnaces, dispensers, etc.
  • Log paintings and item frames. (With rollback support!)
  • Log entities killed by players (animals/monsters)

...and the list is still expanding!


The main command is /bedcoreprotect but it accepts the folllowing aliases: /bcp, /core, /co (Main permission: bcp.command.bedcoreprotect)

Quick command overview:

  • /bcp help - Display a list of commands (Permission:
  • /bcp inspect - Toggle the inspector mode (Permission: bcp.subcommand.inspect)
  • /bcp menu - Display a graphic interface to use the plugin (UI). (Permission:
  • /bcp rollback <params> - Rollback block data (Permission: bcp.subcommand.rollback)
  • /bcp restore <params> - Restore block data (Permission: bcp.subcommand.restore)
  • /bcp lookup <params> - Advanced block data lookup (Permission: bcp.subcommand.lookup)
  • /bcp purge <params> - Delete old block data (Permission: bcp.subcommand.purge)
  • /bcp reload - Reload the configuration file (Permission: bcp.subcommand.reload)
  • /bcp status - View the plugin status (Permission: bcp.subcommand.status)

Shortcut commands:

  • /bcp near [value]: Performs a lookup with radius (default 5) (Permission: bcp.subcommand.near)

Advanced command overview:

/bcp help
Diplay a list of commands in-game

/bpc inspect
Enable the inspector. Type the command again to disable it. You can also use just "/bcp i"

/bpc menu
Display a graphic interface to simplify the plugin commands usage. You can also use just "/bcp ui"

/bcp rollback u=<user> t=<time> r=<radius> a=<action> b=<blocks> e=<exclude>
Nearly all of the parameters are optional. Shortcut: "/bcp rb".

u=<user> - Specify a user to rollback.
Example: u=Shoghi u=Shoghi,#zombie

t=<time> - Specify the amount of time to rollback.
You can specify weeks,days,hours,minutes, and seconds.

Example: t=4w5d2h7m20s

You can pick and choose time amounts.
Example: t=5d2h

r=<radius> - Specify a radius.
You can use this to only rollback blocks near you.

For example, the following would only rollback damage within 10 blocks of where you are standing: r=10

a=<action> - Restrict the lookup to a certain action.
For example, if you wanted to only rollback blocks placed, you would use a:+block

Here's a list of all the actions:
• a=block (blocks placed/broken)
• a=+block (blocks placed)
• a=-block (blocks broken)
• a=click (player interactions)
• a=container (items taken from or put in chests, etc.)
• a=+container (items put in chests, etc.)
• a=-container (items taken from chests, etc.)
• a=kill (mobs/animals killed)

b=<blocks> - Restrict the rollback to certain block types.
For example, if you wanted to only rollback stone, you would use b=1
You can specify multiple items, such as b=1,5,7
or b=stone,planks,bedrock

You can find a list of block type IDs at

e=<exclude> - Exclude certain block types from the rollback.
For example, if you don't want TNT to come back during a rollback, you would type e:46

/bpc restore u=<user> t=<time> r=<radius> a=<action> b=<blocks> e=<exclude>
Same parameters as /bcp rollback. Shortcut: "/bcp rs".

Restoring can be used to undo rollbacks.

/bcp lookup u=<user> t=<time> r=<radius> a=<action> b=<blocks> e=<exclude>
Search through block data using the same parameters as /bcp rollback. Shortcut: "/bcp l".

If multiple pages are returned, use the command "/bcp lookup <page>" to switch pages.
To change the number of lines displayed on a page, use the command "/bcp lookup <page>:<lines>".

For example, "/bcp l 1:10" will return 10 lines of data, starting at the first page.

/bcp purge t=<time>
Purge old block data. Useful for freeing up space on your HDD if you don't need the older data.

For example, "/co purge t:30d" will delete all data older than one month, and only keep the last 30 days of data.


I found a bug, where can I report it?

  • You can report here by clicking button "Get Started" on Bug report.

Where can I request a new feature?

  • You can ask a new feature here by clicking button "Get Started" on Feature request.

UPDATE v0.5.0

If you are upgrading the plugin from old versions to v0.5.x, you need to delete the database (bedcore_database.db file if you are using SQLite) and the configuration file (config.yml) because the plugin could not work as intended.



  • Implemented multi-language support (english and italian are supported but you can feel free to add yours too by opening a Pull Request on GitHub).
  • Implemented database auto-patcher (when the database need some changes now it will be automatically patched without deleting your schema).
  • Implemented BlockSniper linking (from now you can rollback/restore selected areas and you can log all changes made with it).
  • Implemented UI (accessible through the command /bcp menu or /bcp ui).


  • Rollback/restore operations are now made asynchronously (that means performance and time are boosted).
  • Big query are now built asynchronously (e.g. TNT explosions).
  • Some database requests are now correctly made asynchronously without blocking main thread over the internet.
  • Some minor micro-optimizations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed plugin reloading.
  • Fixed "blocks" and "exclusions" parameters not correctly working.
  • Fixed "rollback-items" config parameter that always rollback/restore when it's set on false.
  • Some minor issues fixed.
What's new §
  • Fixed possible start-up crash when the plugin's patcher starts.
  • Fixed crash occured when running /bcp status.

First official release.

using v0.6.2
11 Jun 20
Amazing plugin
using v0.6.0
11 May 20
using v0.5.7
21 Apr 20
Why can I not place down any redstone?
22 Apr 20
Hi, don't negatively evaluate the plugin, because it may be because of the redstone plugin. Anyway, open a issue here:
using v0.5.6
18 Mar 20
Great job, much better than WhatTheServer
06 Apr 20
Thank you!
using v0.5.6
12 Feb 20
Can i make so that only ops have access to claiming?
12 Feb 20
I don't understand what you asked, you can't claim with this plugin.
using v0.5.3
17 Jan 20
This is amazing ! Tysm!
19 Jan 20
You're welcome! :)
using v0.5.1
04 Oct 19
Amazing tool for any server. Long awaited for many server owners. Great Job!
19 Jan 20
Thank you! :)
using v0.4.1
16 Aug 19
What a great Anti-Grief plugin!!

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