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Allow breaking bedrock with TNT
version 4.6.0
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Plugin Description §


Allows breaking bedrock with TNT


bedrockbreaker.command Root permission of all commands default false

bedrockbreaker.command.breakable Permission to use breakable command default op

bedrockbreaker.command.bbresistance Permission to use bbresistance command default op

bedrockbreaker.command.bbexplosions Permission to use bbexplosions command default op


breakable Set the bedrock breakable state

bbresistance Set the bedrock blast resistance value

bbexplosions Set the bedrock max explosions count to fully destroy

What's new §
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.70.
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.60.
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.50.
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.40.
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.30.
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20.10.
  • Added support for PocketMine-MP 5.0.0
  • Fixed a bug where bedrock never drops when exploded


  • The following classes have been added:
    • BedrockConfig
    • BedrockData
    • BedrockDatabase - used to store all bedrock blocks that changed
    • TogglingBedrockManager - used to toggle bedrock breakable state for a player
  • Bedrock class has been removed, use BedrockConfig or BedrockData and BedrockDatabase instead.
  • The following methods have been added:
    • Main->getTogglingBedrockManager()
    • Main->getBedrockConfig()
    • Main->getBedrockDatabase()
  • The following methods have been removed:
    • Main->setTogglingBedrock() - use TogglingBedrockManager->setTogglingBedrock() instead
    • Main->removeTogglingBedrock() - use TogglingBedrockManager->removeTogglingBedrock() instead
    • Main->isTogglingBedrock() - use TogglingBedrockManager->isTogglingBedrock() instead
    • Main->getTogglingBedrock() - use TogglingBedrockManager->getTogglingBedrock() instead
    • Main->registerBlock()
    • TileBedrock->getDefaultName()
    • TileBedrock->setBreakable()
    • TileBedrock->setExplodeCount()
  • Added support to PocketMine-MP 4.0
  • Refactored the plugin API
    • Added the Bedrock::getMaxExplodeCount(): int static method
    • Added the Bedrock::setMaxExplodeCount(int $maxExplodeCount): void static method
    • Added the Bedrock::getBlastResistance(): float static method
    • Added the Bedrock::setBlastResistance(float $blastResistance): void static method
    • Added the Bedrock::canBeExploded(): bool method
    • Added the Bedrock::isBreakable(): bool method
    • Added the Bedrock::incrementExplodingCount(int $value = 1): void method
    • Added the Main::setTogglingBedrock(Player $player, bool $value): void method
    • Added the Main::removeTogglingBedrock(Player $player): void method
    • Added the Main::isTogglingBedrock(Player $player): bool method
    • Added the Main::getTogglingBedrock(Player $player): ?bool method
    • Deprecated the Bedrock::onExplode(): void method
    • Deprecated the Bedrock::getBreakable(): bool method, use the Bedrock::isBreakable(): bool method instead
    • Deprecated the Bedrock::getDuration(): int method, use the Bedrock::canBeExploded(): bool method instead
    • Deprecated the Main::$players static property, use the Main::setTogglingBedrock(Player $player, bool $value): void method instead
    • Deprecated the Main::registerBlock(): void method
    • Deprecated the TileBedrock class, use the Bedrock class instead
    • Deprecated the TileBedrock::getNBT(): CompoundTag method

using v3.3.0
08 Sep 20

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @JavierLeon9966
License §
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