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A plugin for PocketMine-MP to simply ban players for a certain period of time.
version 3.0.2-1
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Plugin Description §

BetterBan - V3.0.2-1

Would you like to ban players for a certain period of time? Then BetterBan is just right for you! Easily ban players for a certain time and configure a bit in config.yml.

I would be very happy if you leave a star for this project.


  • Ban players and Ips easy per time
  • Edit bans
  • Custom Kicks
  • See how often was a player banned
  • See ban informations of bans
  • configure something in the config.yml
  • Discord-Webhook Support
  • Events
  • Easy2Use

Bugs - none

You've found a Bug?

  • Go to Issues
  • Click on New Issue
  • Write your bug with all Informations that you have down
  • Send Issue
  • Wait, I where answer you


Command Description
/ban <player> [reason: ...] [time: ...] Ban a player
/banlog <player> See the ban-count of an player
/baninfo <player> See ban informations for a player
/editban <player> <addbantime/reducebantime> <time> Edit a ban of a player
/pardon <player> Unban a player
/ban-ip <ip> [reason: ...] [time: ...] Ban a ip
/editipban <ip> <addbantime/reducebantime> <time> Edit a Ip-Ban
/pardon-ip <ip> Unban a ip
/kick <player> Kick a player
/betterban Open the BetterBan-Form


This Pluginis licensed under the Apache License 2.0! Plugin by supercrafter333!


Owner: supercrafter333

Helper: ---

Icon: Tenor GIF

Discord-Tag: supercrafter333#4062

What's new §
  • Fix permission check bug
  • fixed missing command permissions
  • fix an Internal Server Error on /baninfo (#12)
  • fix an Internal Server Error on /banlog (same as #12)

► This version won't reset the config.yml of BetterBan :)

  • add new command /banip <ip> [reason: ...] [time: ...] - Ban a Ip-Address
  • add new command: /editipban <ip> <addbantime|reducebantime> - Edit a Ip-Ban
  • add new command: /pardonip <ip>- Unban a Ip-Addres
  • add new command: /kick <player> - Kick a player
  • add new command: /betterban - Open the BetterBan-Form
  • add IpBan, IpBanEdit, IpPardon and Kick Event
  • add Discord-Webhook Messages for new functions
  • add Forms
  • when the config.yml is outdated, the config data will be renamed to oldConfig.yml and a new config.yml will be created now
  • Version Bump
  • add Pardon (Unban) Command
  • add Discord-Webhook Message for unbanning
  • add Ban, BanEdit and Pardon Event
  • Discord-Webhooks will now only send on (not cancelled) event calling
  • add support for Discord-Webhooks
  • add Icon

using v3.0.2-1
23 Sep 21
Discord WeebHook Doesn't work
using v3.0.2-1
21 Aug 21
using v2.0.0
20 Jun 21
Thank you :)
using v2.0.0
26 May 21
Its good Plugin 👍😁
Thank you :)
using v2.0.0
29 Apr 21
Thx :)
using v2.0.0
28 Apr 21
Very good
Thank you :)

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Producers §
  • Contributors:
    • @Tobias-2006
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