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Better handling and features for dropped items.
version 1.0.1
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Plugin Description §


Better dropped item management and features.


BetterDroppedItems is intended to make dropped items better. Its main feature is to create a better clear lag, giving each dropped item a individual timer rather than all items despawning at once. The plugin also clumps items of the same type together to reduce entity counts. The second feature is displaying the item's name about it.


  1. Item Despawning
  • Individual despawn times per item.
  • Set certain items to never despawn.
  1. Item clumping
  • Clump groups of the same item together to prevent lag.
  1. Name displaying
  • Display the items name showing: name, count, and despawn timer.


  1. Download the PHAR using 'Direct Download'.
  2. Upload the PHAR to the 'plugins' folder on your server.
  3. Start/Restart the server to enable the plugin and generate the config file.
  4. Edit the config to your liking.
  5. Start/Restart the server to apply changes in the config file.

Default Config

# Main configuration file for BetterDroppedItems
# Create by Dapro718
# Message me on Discord: Dapro#5173
#     - If you need help.
#     - If you have a plugin idea / feature request

config-version: 1

# ^^^ DO NOT TOUCH ^^^ #

# Time until dropped items despawn (in seconds)
despawn-time: 180

# Name of the worlds where items will not be touched - CASE SENSITIVE
disabled-worlds: []

# ID of the items that will not be touched.
disabled-items: []

# ID of the items that won't get despawned
no-despawn-items: []

# Whether to clump items together.
do-clumping: true

# Clumping mode.
# stacksize - Items will clump into the max stack size of the item.
# unlimited - Items will clump into an unlimited amount.
clumping-mode: "stacksize"

# Whether to show the item's name dropped.
display-item-name: true

# Format of the timer added to the end of the item's name.
# {minutes} = Minutes till despawn
# {seconds} = Seconds till despawn
timer-format: "&b({minutes}:{seconds})"

# Format of the name displayed when the item is dropped.
# {name} = Name of dropped item.
# {count} = Amount of items in the clump
# {timer} = Format of the timer set above.
# The timer will NOT show on items that are added to the 'no-despawn' list.
name-format: '{name} &ax{count} {timer}'


To disable certain items from despawning you can add a nbt tag by doing the following:

/** @var ItemEntity $item */

using v1.0.1
11 Apr 21
Very good plugin and very complete
using v1.0.1
28 Mar 21
If i understood true there is a timer and if it gets 0 item despawns? if yes, good idea.
29 Mar 21
All items despawn unless they are listed in 'disabled-items' or 'no-despawn-items'.
using v1.0.1
28 Mar 21

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