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A better voting plugin for PocketMine-MP
version 1.5.0
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Plugin Description §


BetterVoting is a PocketMine-MP plugin for letting players claim their rewards from voting for your server.

Why BetterVoting over others?

BetterVoting uses your server's api key which means you don't need to download any VRC files. BetterVoting is also an active project which means any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible.

How to configure BetterVoting?

When you first install BetterVoting, you will get a default config that looks like this:

# API Key from
api-key: ""
  # Message Variables:
  # {real-name} - The voter's full username
  # {display-name} - The voter's display name
  # & - Change message color
  # {x} - Voter's X coordinate
  # {floor-x} - Voter's X coordinate rounded
  # {y} - Voter's Y coordinate
  # {floor-y} - Voter's Y coordinate rounded
  # {z} - Voter's Z coordinate
  # {floor-z} - Voter's Z coordinate rounded
  broadcast: "{real-name} has voted for free rewards!" # Message to be broadcast when a player votes
  message: "Thanks for voting for our server" # Message to send to the player who voted
    # Items to be given to the player when they vote
    # Item format: "ItemName:Damage:ICount:CustomName:EnchantName:EnchantLevel"
    # Item IDs are not supported, use the item names instead
    # Replace spaces with "_" for item names
    # For no custom name/default item name, put "default"
    # First 4 fields are required, enchants are optional
    # You can have unlimited enchants, just follow the format "EnchantName:EnchantLevel:EnchantName:EnchantLevel" etc
    # There is also support for PiggyCustomEnchants, use same format as normal enchants
    - "diamond_sword:0:1:Vote Sword:sharpness:5:unbreaking:3"
    - "diamond_pickaxe:0:1:default:efficiency:2:driller:3"
    # Commands to be executed by console when a player votes
    # Do not include "/" at the start of the command
    - "title {real-name} title &aVote"
    - "title {real-name} subtitle &7Thanks for voting!"
  title: "&aTop Votes This Month" # Message sent before displaying top votes
  display: 10 # Amount of top votes to dispay, can't be bigger than 500
  format: "&6{number}. &b{username}: &e{votes}" # Format of displaying top voters

The first thing you can see in the config is api-key. This is what BetterVoting uses to connect to the vote website and claim players' votes. To get your API key, go to Manage Your Servers on minecraftpocket-servers and paste in your API key.

Notice: As of now, BetterVoting only supports minecraftpocket-servers, and 1 server. Multi website support is a planned feature

Next in the config you will see claim information. The broadcast key, this is the message that get's broadcasted to the server when a player votes The message key is the message sent to the player after they vote

Variable Description
{real-name} The voter's full username
{display-name} The voter's display name
& Change message color
{x} Voter's X coordinate
{floor-x} Voter's X coordinate rounded
{y} Voter's Y coordinate
{floor-y} Voter's Y coordinate rounded
{z} Voter's Z coordinate
{floor-z} Voter's Z coordinate rounded

The items array is the items the player will be given for voting. If you follow the guidelines you shouldn't have any problems.

Notice: Issues regarding items not working will be closed, as it works fine if you follow the guidelines

The commands array is the commands to be executed by console when a player votes. Don't include the / in commands. You can use the message variables in commands aswell

The top-votes array is the information used for /vote top. title is the message sent to the player before sending the top voters. display is the number of voters to send to the player. format is the message sent to the player for every top voter.

What's new §
  • Fixed an error with stopping vote process
  • Implemented BetterVoting::stopProcessing() method
  • Make use of BetterVoting::stopProcessing() method
  • Added licence
  • Fixed spamming votes + unlimited claiming
  • Players can no longer claim their vote unlimitedly
  • /vote top has been added (Displays top voters of the current month)

using v1.6
25 Dec 19
nice plugin
using v1.5.0
12 Jul 19
For the developer im so sorry the topvoter is Fixed by my friends and also my friend so confused how to add a vote keys when player voting im using mystery crate is that work?
using v1.3.0
13 Mar 19
Hello, we have the BetterVote plugin running. It works for some players. For some, the message "your vote is already in processing" and you get no bonus. Does anyone know how to fix it?
using v1.0.2
20 Jan 19
i used the latest better voting but players can get their rewards unlimitedly
using v1.0.1
25 Dec 18
You earn VotePoints every time you vote. You can use these Vote points to buy various stuff like ranks or in-game items that can be configured by the admins in a /vote shop
using v1.0.0
16 Dec 18
Good Plugin
Thanks :D
using v1.0.0
16 Dec 18
Maybe add VotePoints in the future?
What would "VotePoints" do?
using v1.0.0
15 Dec 18
Excellent plugin to reward voters 👌

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PiggyCustomEnchants 1.4.2
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