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Plugin that gives effects to players when they walk on blocks as specified in configuration file.
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


A PMMP plugin that gives players effects as they walk on blocks specified in config.yml .


  • You can give more than an effect when players walk on single block.

  • For each effect, you can set duration, amplifier, either bubbles and particles are visible or not.

  • Give players effect only if the block beneath the block they are walking on exists.


Here's a sample of how config.yml should look like:

enabled: true  _setting this to false will disable the plugin and no effects will be given_
  "5:0":       _Block ID and Damage ID . All IDs MUST be like that, between "" and Meta included_
    - effect: 1
      duration: 3
      amplifier: 2
      visible: true
      beneath: "49:0" _Checks the block beneath the block that the player is walking on_
    - effect: 8
      duration: 8
      amplifier: 1
      visible: false


Feel free to contribute if you have ideas or found an issue. Links:

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License §

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