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This PocketMine-MP plugin allows you to convert blocks from Minecraft:PC to Minecraft:BE and not only!
version 1.0.3
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Plugin Description §


BlocksConverter is a PocketMine-MP plugin that allows you to convert block IDs and datas to another type. For example, if you need to import a Minecraft Java Edition world, you can use it for convert to a Minecraft: BE world!


  • /convertqueue <add|remove|status> [levelName|all] (Permission: blocksconverter.commands.convertqueue)
    • /cq add <levelname|all>: It adds one or all loaded worlds/levels in queue before the conversion.
    • /cq remove <levelname|all>: It removes one or all loaded worlds/levels from the queue.
    • /cq status: It shows the status of current queue.
  • /convert <levelname|queue> [backup=true|false] (Permission: blocksconverter.commands.convert)
    • /convert [levelname] [backup=true|false]: It directly convert a loaded world/level (without quotes!) and it optionally runs a backup (by default is true)
    • /convert queue [backup=true|false]: It starts to convert all the loaded worlds/levels in queue.

Configuration file

  chunk-radius: 10 #It loads all the chunks in the specific radius (starting point is world spawn) and it allows to convert more blocks in the map.

#This is the section for setup the blocks to be converted in all queued worlds
  <id>-<metadata>: #The ID and data of block that need to be replaced 
    converted-id: <new_id> #The correct corresponding block ID.
    converted-data: <new_metadata> #The correct corresponding block data.
    converted-id: 158
    converted-data: 0
    converted-id: 44
    converted-data: 6
  125-0: #Dropper
    converted-id: 157
    converted-data: 1
  126-0: #Activator Rail
    converted-id: 44
    converted-data: 1
  166-0: #MCPC Barrier
    converted-id: 95
    converted-data: 0
  188-0: #MCPC Repeating command block
    converted-id: 85
    converted-data: 1
  189-0: #MCPC Command block
    converted-id: 85 #Birch fence
    converted-data: 2
  191: #MCPC Dark oak fence
    converted-id: 85
    converted-data: 5


This plugin could take some time before the conversion isn't finished. While the conversion, don't try to stop or turn off the server until it's finished.

What's new §
  • Fixed problem with poggit.
  • Bump API to 3.0.0, added support for signs conversion

using v1.0.3
24 Jan 19
Worked perfectly
using v1.0
25 Jul 18
only "level <namelevel> insĀ“t loaded or does note exist."
08 Sep 18
First you need to load the level in pocketmine.yml file or using a world loader plugin.
using v1.0
25 Nov 17
Yes, it is good but the config file has no way or explanation of how to convert say, this PC block to a BE block.
30 Nov 17
Sorry about that, I immediately update the README file ( Soon will be updated in this page too.

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