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A Simple Clan Plugin Different From Those Already Present In Poggit
version 1.2
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Plugin Description §

This is a simple clan plugin, it was made because there is very few (or no) working clan plugin without claims, just simple grouping system with levels.


  • [x] Pvp-wise the clan plugin will work only in the worlds given in config.yml
  • [x] Scorehud compatible
  • [x] Clan system, obviously.
  • [x] Earn XP on kill, Lose XP on death
  • [x] Level up after you reach a certian XP Click Here for how the system works
  • [x] Get more space for clan members as you level up
  • [x] Get clan info, clan member info.
  • [x] Clan chat

Clan System

  • Level System
    The clan level system is quite simple, you kill to get xp, to level up and die to lose xp and level down, now when you gain xp and level up, after every 5 level you can unlock certain amount of gang member space in the gang.

When a clan is just made, it needs certain amount of starting xp to level up, and after they reach level two you can basically set the amount of xp needed to levelup to the next level. The clan starts off with a certain amount of member limit.

  • Rank System
    There are only two ranks in the clan, leader and members.


Command Description Leader Only
/clan create Create a clan if you aren't already in a clan No
/clan invite Invite members to your clan Yes
/clan accept Accept an invitation from a clan No
/clan chat Join your clan chat No
/clan info Get your or others clan info No
/clan members Get member info of your or others clan. No
/clan kick Invite members to your clan Yes
/clan delete Delete your clan Yes
/clan leave Leave your clan Member Only
/clan top Get top 10 clans No

Upcoming Projects

  • [x] More configurable
  • [x] More efficient member limit system
  • [] Uh idk XD
What's new §
  • Bug fixes and Added Scorehud Tags
  • Bug Fix(s) with /clan info and /clan top
  • Fixed the crashes happened when killing someone (when you're in a clan)
  • You can set the amount of member space added in the gang after every 5 level
  • Updated for pmmp 3.14.0 [Minecraft 1.16]
  • You can choose which world this plugin will world (pvp-wise).

  • You can customize some messages from messages.yml

  • Fix issue #9

  • Cleaner Codes - Main changes with Commands and Database.php [For Dev's]

using v1.2
14 Oct 20
Could you maybe add PureChat Support?
17 Nov 20
Yeah Soon!
using v1.2
31 Aug 20
the plugin happens an error when i am in a clan and someone else is not i try to kill her and close the server.
05 Oct 20
Can you open an issue on github and put the errors in so i can check
using v1.1
21 Jul 20
21 Jul 20
Thx :D
using v1.1
19 Jul 20
if i kill or some times hit someone and i am in a clan it kicks me from the server with an Internal Server Error.
21 Jul 20
In github open and issue and paste the error in
using v1.0
11 Jul 20
17 Jul 20
Thx :D
using v1.0
09 Jul 20
Killing someone and pretty much everything accept for creating and inviting someone to ur clan kicks you out with ‘Internal Server Error’
11 Jul 20
What the? open a issue on github and post the errors, wierd i don't have any errors with "doing anything"
using v1.0
09 Jul 20
11 Jul 20
using v0.8
07 Jul 20
Looks good
08 Jul 20
Works good as well :)
using v0.7
26 Jun 20
Very good
07 Jul 20
Thank you, hope you have a good day

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