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A PMMP plugin that implements a charging sword that can deal great damages
version 1.0.1
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Plugin Description §


A PMMP plugin that implements a charging sword that can deal great damages


To get started, install the Customies plugin to your plugins folder

Then, start your server and give yourself a BroadSword using the command /give <name> broad_sword:broad_sword

You may want to install a custom craft plugin such as CustomCraft to allow you players to craft this item


Inside of the plugin_data/BroadSword/config.yml file, you may change the following:

  • texture - The texture of the item
  • item-name - The name of the item
  • durability - The durability of the item
  • charging-ticks - How much ticks does this item takes to charge
  • attack-points - How much attack damage does item do
  • attack-when-loading - Can a player attack another one while the Broad Sword is not fully loaded ?
  • reset-when-attacking-while-loading - Reset the load timer if the item is used while loading
  • popup - A popup that is send to the player
    • active - Do you want to send a loading bar to the player
    • type - What kind of popup will be sent
    • progress - A character that is repeated times which makes a loading bar
    • length - The length of the progress bar
    • color:
      • progress - The color of the progress (filled) part of the charging bar
      • remaining - The color of the remaining part of the bar
      • filled - The color of the bar when it is fully charged
Supported API versions
Customies 1.3.2
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Joestarfish
License §
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