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Blocks placed on the floor disappear automatically after a certain time.
version 0.0.2
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Plugin Description §


BuildReset is a plugin that makes the blocks placed on the ground disappear after a certain time from the world where it is placed. You can configure in which worlds the build reset should be enabled, after how long time the blocks to disappear from the specific world and whether the particles of the respective block appear or not. If the server shuts down, all blocks that have been saved will be automatically deleted.


  • /buildreset worldlist|wl - Show the list of worlds set for build reset.
  • /buildreset addworld string:name - Add a world to the build reset list.
  • /buildreset removeworld string:name - Remove a world from the build reset list.
  • /buildreset setdespawn int:seconds - Set the time before blocks despawn after placement.
  • /buildreset setparticle bool:true/false - Enable or disable particles for block despawn.


  • buildreset.permission


If you need help with BuildReset, you can contact me on my discord server or create an issue on the GitHub repository.

What's new §
  • PM5 support
    • The plugin now supports the latest PocketMine version and there are few changes in command.
  • Update

using v0.0.2
19 Apr 24
romanas de al meu

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    • @DaRealAqua
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