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Plugin implementing a Stackable Spawner System for PMMP
version 0.1.6
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Plugin Description §


This plugin adds a Stackable Spawner System to PMMP. When you place a Spawner, you can stack additional Spawners onto the same Spawner to increase it's spawn rate. This lets you conserve space and also prevents lag due to a large amount of Spawners.
For example: A single Zombie Spawner spawns one Zombie every 40 seconds. Stacking another Zombie Spawner on it changes the spawn rate to 20 seconds.


  • Give Spawners to other players
  • Built in Mob Stacker
  • Stack Spawners onto each other to increase Spawn Rate
  • Get Spawners for any known entities
  • Ability to use Silk Touch on Spawners
  • UI to add more Spawners onto an existing Spawner
  • Entities registered within the plugin itself including Iron Golems, Bees and Foxes
  • AutoInv and AutoXP for mob drops
  • Configurable Options to modify XP drops, Spawner Rates, Mob and Spawner Stacking, Silk Touch and Entity Scale
  • Auto Stack Spawners
  • Ability to toggle Mob and Spawner stacking in specific worlds
  • API Methods to exempt entities like Bosses from stacking
  • Mobs spawned by the plugin can be either one-shot or have vanilla behavior
  • Ability to unstack any number of Spawners from a Stack
  • Customizable drops for spawners
  • Customizable nametag for stacked mobs
  • Toggle mob nametags on/off
  • Ability to set a max number of mobs in a stack

Planned Additions

  • [x] Register Mobs via the plugin itself
  • [ ] Allow custom entities to be used in the Spawner
  • [x] Allow removing of a specific number of Spawners from a Stacked Spawner
  • [x] Config to modify plugin messages
  • [x] Allow modifying base spawn rate for Spawners
  • [x] Configurable Mob Drops
  • [ ] Revamp Mob Stacker and make it cleaner
  • [x] Allow toggling XP Drops for Mobs
  • [ ] Spawner Shop with configurable prices
  • [x] Set Mob Experience drops correctly
  • [x] Implement Looting Enchantment
  • [x] Autostack spawners when placed near another spawner of the same type
  • [x] Allow changing of the entity scale within the Spawner


  • Pandas drop Sugarcane instead of Bamboo
  • Bats, Ocelots, Bees, Vex, Witches, Silverfish and Endermite have no drops
  • Sheep drop a random color of wool
  • Thanks to Muqsit for Bees and Foxes <3
  • Thanks to iZeaoGamer for implementing looting
  • Thanks to Unickorn for patching bug related to spawner stacking
What's new §
  • Set a max stack amount before a new mob stack is created
  • Customizable mob nametag
  • Toggle mob nametags on/off
  • Fix issues with stacking exemption not working
  • Fix crashes due to AddActorPacket
  • Fix duplication bug caused by removing a spawner via form and breaking it at the same time
  • General cleanup
  • Support for PM 3.14.0
  • Allow other blocks to be placed onto spawners
  • Fix issue with entity exemption not working as intended
  • Fix issue with Magma Cubes crashing the server
  • Added permission burgerspawners.nosilktouch to let users pickup Spawners even without Silk Touch
  • Implement XP Drops for all mobs
  • Fix an issue with sheep not dropping loot
  • Implement AutoInv and AutoXP for mob drops
  • Fix a crash related to Mobstacking
  • Config option allowing Mobs to be one-shot
  • Fix crash caused by getting the level of a closed entity
  • Fix bug with Spawners with space in their name
  • Fix bug regarding "You cannot use Spawners here" even without interacting with a Spawner
  • You can now remove any number of Spawners from a stack :D
  • Ability to enable a permission to use Silk Touch
  • Add 50% Spawner Drop Chance via Explosions, useful for Factions Servers
  • Fix Entity Exemption
  • API Method for developers to exempt certain entities from Stacking.
    Example Usage: In a Boss Plugin to prevent Bosses from stacking.
  • Improve hasPlayer ~ Unickorn
  • Added Ravager Spawners
  • Mob and Spawner Stacking can now be disabled in specific worlds
  • Several bug fixes: Spawner Stack count now persists after a reboot, Mobs still spawn on outdated configs. Thanks @Unickorn
  • Added ConfigUpdater to notify users with outdated configs, Thanks @provsalt
  • Basic API to give Spawners
  • Spawners now automatically stack when placed within the same Chunk. This will be allowed to be toggled off in the future.
  • The Load Range or the max distance a player can be from the Spawner to still spawn entities is now configurable
  • Added Bee and Fox Spawners
  • Looting Enchant is now implemented for most Mob Drops
  • Configurable Options to modify XP/Item drops, Spawner Rates, Mob and Spawner Stacking, Silk Touch and Entity Scale
  • Plugin Messages are now configurable
  • Registered Entities within the plugin itself
  • Added a /spawner list to show all available Spawner types
  • Increased scale of entities in the Spawner
  • Added UpdateNotifier Virion

using v0.1.4
12 Jul 21
using v0.1.4
10 Jul 21
Good plugin, but with a lot of bugs (for example, there is a duplication bug) and a support that hardly responds on github for me (2 days that I opened a report to report the duplication bug and no answer).
using v0.1.4
30 Mar 21
I installed this plugin on my server, Back 2 months ago it was working fine, But now It's still working but the Stacking UI won't open.. so my players cannot stack spawners.. Please help for this is an amazing plugin!!
using v0.1.4
23 Mar 21
When a spawner is broken it drops exp aswell as the spawner. (exp is dupeable)
using v0.1.4
06 Nov 20
i love it but can you add a plugin that tets hoppers work please
using v0.1.4
26 Oct 20
Pls update custom color name §a{MobName} {count}
Only a year late but I added that :D
using v0.1.4
02 Sep 20
good plugin but i think they should add on config.yml [show mob names] true/false , cuz it is crucial for a faction server imagine youre just walking and you pass by a hidden base and the spawner spawn mobs and you saw the names then itll be easy to track.
Only a year late but I added that :D
using v0.1.4
01 Sep 20
there is a way to duplicate spawner if I have a delay to set or solve this bug of duplicating spawner and i give 5 stars
using v0.1.4
17 Jul 20
Great Plugin for mob stacking, but I think there should be a way in the config to limit the Number of mobs a stack can have, for example: The max is 10 so pigs hit 10, then create a new pig and so on.
using v0.1.4
04 Jul 20
I love this plugin but can you add hoglins,piglins,striders,and zoglins
using v0.1.3
01 Jul 20
Update to 1.16 please
Updated, use version 0.1.4
using v0.1.3
17 Jun 20
using v0.1.1
20 May 20
using v0.1.1
11 May 20
the animals can't even walk, you can't hit them with your hand.
The objective of this plugin isn't entities, but rather, Spawners. You can use an external plugin such as PureEntitiesX for Mob AI, and set BurgerSpawners to not register entities in the config
using v0.1.1
02 May 20
using v0.1.1
25 Apr 20
Nice plugin!
using v0.1.0
22 Apr 20
Very Usefull
using v0.1.0
20 Apr 20
Мне нужно с вамы ✓Создатель✓ связаться я немогу никак настроить плагин ваш..:)
using v0.0.9
14 Apr 20
Locating the nbt tags is very hard even with using Devtools can you please list out the nbt tags of each spawners? Thank you.
using v0.0.9
08 Apr 20
Thx :D
using v0.0.8
03 Apr 20
using v0.0.6
23 Mar 20
Heisen has excelled all expectations. Helping with minor issues and hearing thr publics feedback and making appropriate updates . A name thatll be known before long for his excellence !
using v0.0.6
03 Mar 20
would be awesome if there was a shop for them and it was customizable bc why would u want to give spawners with /spawners
using v0.0.6
17 Feb 20
Awesome :) Hi Heisen. I checkout my pull request.
using v0.0.5
13 Feb 20
using v0.0.4
31 Jan 20
using v0.0.4
29 Jan 20
Another very less seen awesome plugin! Nice work man, can't wait for more features to come out
using v0.0.2
28 Jan 20
This will be extremely helpful for Skyblock server especially. Good work.
using v0.0.2
27 Jan 20
using v0.0.1
27 Jan 20
Woa nice
using v0.0.1
26 Jan 20
Very Nice plugin cant wait for new features to come out!
Thank you! New update registers most entities and you don't need an external plugin to register entities anymore <3

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Producers §
  • Contributors:
    • @Muqsit
    • @Unickorn
    • @iZeaoGamer
License §
Manage entities
Manage blocks/items
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