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Powerful TpAll plugin with many features.
version 0.0.2
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Plugin Description §

C20s TpAll

  • Powerful TpAll plugin that allows you to teleport all online players to your current position either instantly (legacy) or with a countdown (UI).

💻 Commands

Command Description Permission Default UI
/tpall Teleport all online players to your current position. c20s-tpall.use OP true/false


  • PM5 Support
  • Fully Customizable
  • Custom Reason Message + Default Reason
  • UI and Legacy (no UI)
  • Custom Timer
  • Teleport Sounds (Countdown and Teleport)

🛡️ Functionality

UI Form:

  • Includes countdown slider (10s to 300s).
  • Allows selection of countdown sound, which can be left empty.
  • Allows selection of teleport sound, which can also be left empty.
  • Option to select who to teleport players to.
  • Allows input of a reason for the teleport, either custom or the default reason from the config file.
  • Custom messages can be sent when the teleport is initiated and completed.

Legacy (no UI):

  • Instantly teleports all players.
  • Sends a message notifying all players of the teleportation.
  • Configurable sound notification upon teleportation inside the config file.

🖼️ Images





🔮 Other

You are welcome to provide suggestions and report any issues related to the plugin by submitting them here GitHub or here Discord.

What's new §
  • New UI system (Legacy Still Avaible).
  • New Timer.
  • Teleport Sounds (Countdown and Teleport).
  • Custom Reason Message + Default Reason.
  • New Config System.
  • Anti-spam + Anti-crash system.
  • Now you can select who to teleport players to.
  • Support for PocketMine-MP 5.

using v0.0.2
24 Jun 23
Thank you! 💚

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @creeperplayer20
License §
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