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A powerful chat censoring plugin
version 2.3
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Plugin Description §


ChatCensor let you block censored words, IP addresses, websites, spam, caps, set allowed and unallowed characters and mute/unmute players in chat. You can also easily customize actions for each censored word.


  • Word censor: block censored words on chat or even on commands!
  • URL/IP censor: prevent players from sending IP addresses or URLs on chat
  • Anti-caps: remove caps from messages or block them
  • Anti-spam: advanced anti-spam check which will prevent players from sending the same message twice or spamming on chat
  • Mute/Unmute players: temporarily or permanently mute players on chat
  • Maximum message length: prevent players from sending long messages
  • Allowed/Unallowed characters: limit allowed characters on messages
  • Customizable user-side messages

EvolSoft Website:


# Censor settings
 # Enable censor
 enabled: true
 # Let players with chatcensor.bypass.censor permission bypass this restriction
 allow-bypassing: false
 # Check bad words inside words (may slightly slow down your server)
 advanced-mode: false
 # Check commands
 check-commands: false
 # Log message to player
 log-to-player: true
 # Block messages containing URLs (a message will be sent to the player if log-to-player is enabled)
 block-urls: true
 # Block messages containing IP addresses (a message will be sent to the player if log-to-player is enabled)
 block-ips: true
# Anti-caps settings
 # Enable anti-caps
 enabled: true
 # Let players with chatcensor.bypass.anti-caps permission bypass this restriction
 allow-bypassing: false
 # Log message to player
 log-to-player: true
 # Block the message (if block-message is disabled, the message will be converted to lower case)
 block-message: true
# Anti-spam settings
 # Enable anti-spam
 enabled: true
 # Let players with chatcensor.bypass.anti-spam permission bypass this restriction
 allow-bypassing: false
 # Log message to player
 log-to-player: true
 # Spam checking mode (0 = the same message can't be repeated, 1 = delayed spam checking, 2 = both)
 mode: 1
 # Delay (in seconds)
 delay: 5
# Mute/Unmute settings
 # Log the mute message to the player
 log-mute: true
 # Log the unmute message to the player
 log-unmute: true
 # Log message to player
 log-to-player: true
 # Default mute time
 time: "30m"
# Characters/Message checking settings
 # Enable characters/message checking
 enabled: true
 # Let players with chatcensor.bypass.char-check permission bypass this restriction
 allow-bypassing: false
 # Log message to player
 log-to-player: true
 # Maximum message length (set to 0 to disable this feature)
 max-length: 0
 # Allow backslash in messages
 allow-backslash: false
 # Allowed characters in messages (set to "" to disable this feature)
 allowed-chars: "QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890.:,;-_|!/?"
 # Unallowed characters in messages (set to "" to disable this feature)
 unallowed-chars: ""

Add and configure a censored word

  1. Run the command "/addword <word>"
  2. Go to ChatCensor plugin directory and open "words.yml" file
  3. Find the world in the list and customize its settings

These are the censored word settings:

# Delete the message containing the word
delete-message: false
# Replace the censored word
enable-replace: true
# The text which will replace the censored word
replace-word: "****"
# List of commands to execute
# Available tags:
#  - {PLAYER}: Player name of the player who sent the message containing the censored word
# Example:
#  commands:
#  - "tell {PLAYER} Do not swear please!"
#  - "ban {PLAYER}"
commands: []

Messages (messages.yml)

# No URLs message
no-urls: "{PREFIX} &cYou can't send URLs on messages!"
# No IP addresses message
no-ips: "{PREFIX} &cYou can't send IP addresses on messages!"
# No swearing message
no-swearing: "{PREFIX} &cPlease don't swear!"
# No caps message
no-caps: "{PREFIX} &cUppercase characters are not allowed on messages"
# Invalid/Unallowed characters message
invalid: "{PREFIX} &cYou can't send this message because it contains invalid characters"
# Message too long message
too-long: "{PREFIX} &cYou can't send this message because it's too long"
# No spam message
no-spam: "{PREFIX} &cPlease don't spam"
# Spam delay message
spam-delay: "{PREFIX} &cPlease wait &e{DELAY} seconds&c before sending another message"
# Muted message (when the muted player tries to send a message)
muted-error: "{PREFIX} &cYou can't send message because you are muted"
# Muted message
muted: "{PREFIX} &cYou have been muted for &e{DURATION}&c by &e{PLAYER}&c!"
# Unmuted message
unmuted: "{PREFIX} &cYou have been unmuted by &e{PLAYER}&c!"

Commands & Permissions


/chatcensor - ChatCensor commands (aliases: [cc, chatc, censor])
/addword <word> - Add a censored word
/removeword <word> - Remove a censored word
/mute <player> - Mute player
/unmute <player> - Unmute player
/listmuted - Get the list of muted players


  • chatcensor.* - ChatCensor permission tree.
  • chatcensor.bypass.* - Bypass ChatCensor features.
  • chatcensor.bypass.censor - Bypass ChatCensor word censor feature.
  • chatcensor.bypass.anti-caps - Bypass ChatCensor anti-caps feature.
  • chatcensor.bypass.char-check - Bypass ChatCensor char-check feature.
  • chatcensor.bypass.anti-spam - Bypass ChatCensor spam-check feature.
  • chatcensor.commands.* - ChatCensor commands permission tree.
  • - Let player read ChatCensor commands help.
  • - Let player read info about ChatCensor.
  • chatcensor.commands.reload - Let player reload ChatCensor configuration.
  • chatcensor.commands.addword - Let player add a censored word.
  • chatcensor.commands.removeword - Let player remove a censored word.
  • chatcensor.commands.mute - Let player mute a player.
  • chatcensor.commands.unmute - Let player unmute a player.
  • chatcensor.commands.listmuted - Let player show the list of muted players.


Almost all our plugins have API access to widely extend their features.

To access ChatCensor API:
1. Define the plugin dependency in plugin.yml (you can check if ChatCensor is installed in different ways):

depend: [ChatCensor]

2. Include ChatCensor API in your plugin code:

//ChatCensor API
use ChatCensor\ChatCensor;

3. Access the API by doing:



Please support the development of this plugin with a small donation by clicking 💵 here. Your small donation will help me paying web hosting, domains, buying programs (such as IDEs, debuggers, etc...) and new hardware to improve software development. Thank you 😄

What's new §
  • Updated to PocketMine-MP API 3.0.0
  • API Bump

using v2.3
14 Sep 20
using v2.3
07 May 20
does this work for 1.14.60?
using v2.3
14 Jul 19
using v2.3
03 Nov 18
Excellent full featured chat plugin. Very easy to setup and use. Highly recommended.
using v2.3
26 Oct 18
using v2.1
28 Feb 18
using v2.0
08 Feb 18
Very simple to implement. Works very well.
using v2.0
24 Jan 18
The plugin works well, and is very handy in cleaning up the server chat.

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