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Create GUI-based shops
version 5.0.1
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Plugin Description §


Chest shop allows you to create Chest GUI based shops - a widely used feature in minigames such as MoneyWars, SkyBlock and SkyWars. If you are looking for a compressed .phar file, go here:

NOTE: ChestShop depends upon EconomyAPI for transactions, you must have EconomyAPI plugin installed before running the plugin.

Basic Features

  • Ability to sell items along with their NBT tags.
  • Categories! Create shop categories to sort out your items.
  • Optional double-tap-to-buy feature for those who value their money.

How To Use?

Download the compiled .phar file from poggit and drop it into your server's plugins/ folder. NOTE: You must either be OP or have the permission chestshop.command.admin to use the commands: /cs addcategory, /cs removecategory and /cs additem

Adding a category

Categories are the front-page of the /chestshop command. If you do not have any categories, the /chestshop command will send you an empty chest GUI. To add a category, use /cs addcategory <category name> while holding an item. The item that you are holding will be used to represent the category in /chestshop.

Now let's see how /chestshop looks.

Neato! Let's add some items to our category using /cs additem <category name> <cost>.

Awesome! You might be wondering what the 2 papers and one chest is doing in the last row of the GUI. The two papers turn towards the left/right page in case you have more than 45 items in your category. The chest in the middle of the two papers bring you back to the list of categories (/chestshop).

What's new §
  • Add libasynql to .poggit.yml
  • Add support for MultiEconomy
  • Added confirmation ui
  • ChestShop v5.0.0 initial commit
  • Delete old
  • InvMenu 3.0.0
  • Make EconomyManager::register() public
  • Merge pull request #64 from XDqrkneZ/master
    • Update DelayedInvMenuSendTask.php
  • Merge pull request #73 from Adam1609/patch-1
    • Update to InvMenu 3.0.0
  • Register InvMenuHandler on startup, close #76
  • Revert
  • Update .poggit.yml
  • Update DelayedInvMenuSendTask.php
  • Update EventHandler.php
  • Bump to API 3.0.0
  • Fix .poggit.yml encoding
  • Merge pull request #59 from fycarman/master
    • Bug fixes
  • bug fixes
  • fix formatting
  • remove unneeded variable declaration
  • update
    • Push selectors in contents array instead of using Inventory::setItem()
    • Set the inventory contents with Inventory::setContents() instead of
    • using Inventory::setItem() for every item, fixed contents issue.
    • Replaced spaces with tabs.
    • Removed unused imports.
  • Add poggit badge
  • ChestShop v4.0! (#52)
      • ChestShop Rewrite! Use at your own risk :D
      • ChestShop is now double-chested
      • New categories view (/cs addcategory, /cs removecategory)
      • Renamed /cs add to /cs additem
      • Currently no way to delete items off ChestShop individually
      • Many features are missing as this branch is incomplete right now
      • Add buttons.yml config for modifying what buttons look like.
      • Add 'double-tapping' option in config (#37)
      • Improved Button::getOptions(), Button::setOptions() and message formats
      • Update
      • Fix retvals of /cs additem command.
  • Fix #47
  • Fix #48 and remove 'default-price' from config and use itemid+itemdata hash for checking banned items list.
    • The 'default-price' condition is unneeded as it can never occur.

using v5.0.0
04 Mar 20
Easy to use and very useful
using v4.0
04 May 18
great but : how to sell items or blocks?
using v4.0
22 Apr 18
The shops do not save once I restart the server.. they are gone after the restart.
using v3.0
26 Mar 18
using v3.0
27 Feb 18
Can my member create ?

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.1-5
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