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Create GUI-based shops
version 5.1.0
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Plugin Description §


Chest shop allows you to create Chest GUI based shops - a widely used feature in minigames such as MoneyWars, SkyBlock and SkyWars. If you are looking for a compressed .phar file, go here:

NOTE: ChestShop depends upon EconomyAPI for transactions, you must have EconomyAPI plugin installed before running the plugin.

Basic Features

  • Ability to sell items along with their NBT tags.
  • Categories! Create shop categories to sort out your items.
  • Optional double-tap-to-buy feature for those who value their money.

How To Use?

Download the compiled .phar file from poggit and drop it into your server's plugins/ folder. NOTE: You must either be OP or have the permission chestshop.command.admin to use the commands: /cs addcategory, /cs removecategory and /cs additem

Adding a category

Categories are the front-page of the /chestshop command. If you do not have any categories, the /chestshop command will send you an empty chest GUI. To add a category, use /cs addcategory <category name> while holding an item. The item that you are holding will be used to represent the category in /chestshop.

Now let's see how /chestshop looks.

Neato! Let's add some items to our category using /cs additem <category name> <cost>.

Awesome! You might be wondering what the 2 papers and one chest is doing in the last row of the GUI. The two papers turn towards the left/right page in case you have more than 45 items in your category. The chest in the middle of the two papers bring you back to the list of categories (/chestshop).

What's new §

ChestShop v5.1.0

  • Fixed several database and gui related issues (bumped libasynql to v3.3.1, invmenu to v4.0.0)
  • Fixed /cs removeitem not working at all
  • Fixed not-enough-money-message config option not displaying
  • Added /cs help
  • Add libasynql to .poggit.yml
  • Add support for MultiEconomy
  • Added confirmation ui
  • ChestShop v5.0.0 initial commit
  • Delete old
  • InvMenu 3.0.0
  • Make EconomyManager::register() public
  • Merge pull request #64 from XDqrkneZ/master
    • Update DelayedInvMenuSendTask.php
  • Merge pull request #73 from Adam1609/patch-1
    • Update to InvMenu 3.0.0
  • Register InvMenuHandler on startup, close #76
  • Revert
  • Update .poggit.yml
  • Update DelayedInvMenuSendTask.php
  • Update EventHandler.php
  • Bump to API 3.0.0
  • Fix .poggit.yml encoding
  • Merge pull request #59 from fycarman/master
    • Bug fixes
  • bug fixes
  • fix formatting
  • remove unneeded variable declaration
  • update
    • Push selectors in contents array instead of using Inventory::setItem()
    • Set the inventory contents with Inventory::setContents() instead of
    • using Inventory::setItem() for every item, fixed contents issue.
    • Replaced spaces with tabs.
    • Removed unused imports.
  • Add poggit badge
  • ChestShop v4.0! (#52)
      • ChestShop Rewrite! Use at your own risk :D
      • ChestShop is now double-chested
      • New categories view (/cs addcategory, /cs removecategory)
      • Renamed /cs add to /cs additem
      • Currently no way to delete items off ChestShop individually
      • Many features are missing as this branch is incomplete right now
      • Add buttons.yml config for modifying what buttons look like.
      • Add 'double-tapping' option in config (#37)
      • Improved Button::getOptions(), Button::setOptions() and message formats
      • Update
      • Fix retvals of /cs additem command.
  • Fix #47
  • Fix #48 and remove 'default-price' from config and use itemid+itemdata hash for checking banned items list.
    • The 'default-price' condition is unneeded as it can never occur.

using v5.0.1
15 Jul 20
It looks good but every time i click in a categrory it crashes
03 Aug 20
Hi. This is a v1.16 client bug. InvCrashFix may fix the crashes. Download branch master of it.
using v5.0.1
14 Jul 20
It crashes when I load a category. Not the category list, but a category. It might be a double-chest issue, although I have no idea why MC would have an issue with displaying 48 slots.
using v5.0.1
04 Jul 20
Update 1.16
using v5.0.1
01 Jul 20
Update to 1.16 please..
using v5.0.1
23 Jun 20
Please add sell
using v5.0.1
21 May 20
Looks amazing, but every time I try to click into a category its exits out of the GUI.
using v5.0.0
04 Mar 20
Easy to use and very useful
using v4.0
04 May 18
great but : how to sell items or blocks?
using v4.0
22 Apr 18
The shops do not save once I restart the server.. they are gone after the restart.
using v3.0
26 Mar 18
using v3.0
27 Feb 18
Can my member create ?

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.1-5
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MultiEconomy 2.0.0
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