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A plugin to clean items dumped on the server.
version 1.0.0
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ClearLag is a plugin for PocketMine-MP designed to automatically clean items dumped on the server from time to time. This helps reduce lag and maintain server performance.


  • Automatically deletes items dumped on the server at configurable intervals.
  • Send a warning message before cleaning items.
  • Shows periodic messages informing about the time remaining until the next cleaning.
  • Allows you to customize warning and cleaning messages.
  • Reports the number of items removed after each cleaning.


  1. Download the plugin and unzip it if necessary.
  2. Place the ClearLag folder in the plugins directory of your PocketMine-MP server.
  3. Start or restart your PocketMine-MP server to load the plugin.


The configuration file config.yml is located in the resources/ClearLag/config.yml folder. You can edit this file to adjust cleaning intervals and customize messages. Below is an example of the default configuration:

clear-interval: 120
clear-message: "§aItems deleted."
warning-message: "§cCollecting garbage in {time}..."
broadcast-interval: 15
broadcast-message: "§bThe items will be deleted in {time} seconds."

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