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Make your skin more splendid
version 2.1.0
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Plugin Description §


Discord Discord server

Make your skin more splendid

Why would you need to use this plugin:

-You dont,but this plugin will help your server more funny cuz player have something to show up, a wing, a caption american shield.

-The clothes also has permission for using,so that you can add the custom clothes to specific rank

Note of the plugin:

-GD2 extension required, do as following construction on the console's message (in case you dont know what it is)

-FormAPI lib required, download this plugin (Clothes) from poggit (which will be .phar type) if you dont similar to this

-That's all


  • Type "/clo" or "/clothes" and a UI will display for you to chosing the clothes


  • Type the clothes' name into the config like example to assign it with a permission for using
  • If you want to remove perm, just remove something similar to : "sidecap: sidecap.perm". Don't remove the "perms:" text in line 2 (it should be in line 2)

How to add more clothes

  • Create a folder inside plugins_data/Clothes will add another button in main form (dont care whether it contains file or not)
  • Put inside that folder above 2 file,one is .json file, and one is .png file, they must have the same name


Youtube Introduce

What's new §
  • Available for 64x64 and 128x128 skin size
  • Supports same api of the old version
  • Moving some functions into other folder
  • New way to set the plugin_data up

using v1.0.0
15 Mar 20
Not bad, just needs some patches for supporting 128px skins & skins that already have a custom geometry
15 Mar 20
the new update have still been waiting for along time to get approved

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