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Make your skin more splendid
version 3.1.0
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Plugin Description §


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Make your skin more splendid

  • Why would you need to use this plugin:
    • You dont,but this plugin will help your server more funny cuz player have something to show up, a wing, a caption american shield.
    • The clothes also has permission for using,so that you can add the custom clothes to specific rank
  • Note of the plugin:
    • GD2 extension required, do as following construction on the console's message (in case you dont know what it is)
    • FormAPI lib required, download this plugin (Clothes) from poggit (which will be .phar type) if you dont similar to this
    • That's all


  • Type "/clo" or "/clothes" and a UI will display for you to chosing the clothes
  • Type "/cos" or "/cosplays" to change the skin


  • Type the clothes' name into the config like example to assign it with a permission for using
  • If you want to remove perm, just remove something similar to : "sidecap: sidecap.perm".
    • Don't remove the "perms:" text in line 2 (it should be in line 2)

How to add more clothes/cosplays

  • For example, you want to create a button named "Hat" in "/clo.When you click the button, you want to have a cloth named "Cowboy":
    • You go to plugins_data/clothes create a folder named "Hat"
    • Go inside "Hat" folder, put 2 files, one named Cowboy.json, one named Cowboy.png
    • Then it would be works
  • Note:
    • The clothes must inside the plugins_data/clothes folder.
    • Do the same for Cosplays feature.

Where to get clothes/cosplays

  • You need to draw it, i'm using
  • For Clothes:
    • If you are new ,just importing the example clothes (.json file) in the plugin to the blockbench
    • Now you can see a steve geometry with the wing or shield, you can delete the wing/shield
      • but DO NOT touch the steve geometry
    • Move to the texture, add the example texture to see how i drawed it, you need to find a unuse spot
      • on the texture, draw on it, maybe in the neck, empty spot,etc.
      • texture can be in 64x64 or 128x128
    • Then save the json and texture file with same name.
    • After you have the json file, go into it and change the geometry's name to ""
      • abc is clothes or cosplays. xyz is the folder's named which contain the clothes/cosplays
      • if you do the tutorial at How to add more clothes/cosplays, the geometry's name will be geometry.clothes/Hat
    • And also you have the .png file, go to some applications (3d paint on win10,..) which have eraser tool to remove pixels that the clothes dont use
  • For Cosplays:
    • You should add a steve geometry json file then draw on it so the body,arm,leg can moving while player is moving
    • Draw the texture to fit with the geometry
    • Then add json, png to just like clothes (but in cosplays folder).
  • If you having some problem just leave a comment under the poggit review or open a issue on github.


  • A video about the plugin: Youtube Introduce
What's new §
  • New feature: /cos
    • Changing entire skin to another one
  • Detect if a player is using default/4d/64x32 skin
  • Add more info into
  • Available for 64x64 and 128x128 skin size
  • Supports same api of the old version
  • Moving some functions into other folder
  • New way to set the plugin_data up
  • Add files via upload
  • Create .poggit.yml
  • Create .poggit.yml
  • Delete DuyAnhSama.png
  • Delete plugin.yml
  • Initial commit
  • ReUp
    • Okay
  • Update .poggit.yml
  • Update Clothes.php
  • Update FormAPI.php
  • Update
  • Update plugin.yml
  • Useable
  • Yo
    • sse
  • add "extensions: gd" line
  • add one more line
  • again
  • alo
  • done
  • halo
    • uo
  • ok

using v4.1.0
07 Aug 20
07 Aug 20
thanks man
using v3.1.0
26 Jul 20
07 Aug 20
thanks man
using v3.1.0
23 May 20
there is a problem when putting on clothes the default skin is not changed
25 May 20
Im not sure what you wanted to say but at the moment the plugin doesnt support default skin, so if you use one, it will be changed to steve skin
using v3.1.0
03 May 20
This is amazing!
07 Aug 20
thanks man
using v1.0.0
15 Mar 20
Not bad, just needs some patches for supporting 128px skins & skins that already have a custom geometry
15 Mar 20
the new update have still been waiting for along time to get approved

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @shoghicp
  • Contributors:
    • @jasonwynn10
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