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Adds a customisable color symbol to use instead of `§`.
version 1.0.3-1
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Plugin Description §


Colormatic: Allows more colors on the server with ease. (Basically, Its mostly to do with changing the color code symbol so something more iconic. ... '&aTest' instead of '§aTest' )

Brief Info

With this plugin, you can use a custom symbol (as well as the default §) to print out colours. This makes it easier for devices that can not enter this color symbol easily (For example a keyboard without a number pad).


#This where the user can set their chosen symbol as the color symbol.
#It's as simple as changing the setting below.

#Default: "&"
Color Symbol: "&"

It is just as simple as changing the contents of Color Symbol. :D


None required YET. But ideas am coming up with new updates that may include permissions.

Other Source of code used: is under

What's new §

API Update

(Also, OOPSIE WOOPSIE!! Uwu I made a fucky wucky!! A wittle fucko boingo! I forgot to set the version. Nevermind. The function is still there. "

  • Bumped with one API vaule
  • Merge pull request #5 from XuPaperCup/patch-1
    • Bumped with one API vaule
  • Update plugin.yml

Now works with PureChat, or any other Chat based plugin, for that matter.. .XD

using v1.0.3
12 Jul 18
Please update, this plugin would be useful!
using v1.0.3
28 May 18

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