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Simple plugin that allows you to punish combat loggers!
version 0.0.6
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Plugin Description §


PocketMine Plugin


CombatLogger allows you to punish and control players that try to combat log! You can prevent players from executing,
specific commands in pvp or even kill them when they attempt to log while in pvp. You can easily setup your server with
CombatLogger by installing a phar and simply editing the config! You can edit messages, set the combat timeout time and
ban certain commands from players whilst in pvp.

What's new §
  • Bump verion to 0.0.6 and update to API 3.0.0
  • Remove dependency on main plugin class from message manager
  • Support 3.0.0-ALPHA12
  • Remove annoying console messages upon enabling and disabling
  • Remove some debug code that shipped with the last release (oops)
  • Fix commands with extra slashes still being executed in combat
  • Fix for initial combat tag message not being sent
  • Bump to API 3.0.0-ALPHA-11
  • Bump version to 0.0.4
  • Fix for players not getting tagged again until their previous tag is removed and bump API version
Initial version

using v0.0.6
22 May 19
For some reason my last review was a four star, very confused
using v0.0.6
27 Apr 19
Good plugin very helpfull

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License §

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