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Upon onPlayerLogin, crash banned user's clients will be crashed.
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Plugin Description §


Upon onPlayerLogin, crash-banned user's clients will be crashed.

How it works: Basically if the y coordinate ≃ -2,147,483,648 (Min x32 Signed Int) or 2,147,483,647 (Max x32 Signed Int), the client will crash. After inspiration from Jason's Plugin, I've made this feature plugin of its own. This plugin is different, seeing as the fact that $sender is also able to unban the player via command, also (within the crash-banned-users.json file it tells you who banned the player.


Command Description Alias(es) Permission
/crashban <player> Bans the player cban crashbanusers.command.ban
/crashunban <player> Unbans the player cpardon, crashpardon crashbanusers.command.unban

How do I unban a player manually?

This shouldn't be necessary, as /crashunban already does the advanced option already, but it's here so you know what to do if you're bored. Just don't come running to me when there are issues.

  1. In plugin_data/CrashBanUsers/crash-banned-users.json, delete the user's name.
  2. In the players/ directory, search for the player's name, and do either one of the following:

Plugin's Inspiration:

  • I was playing around and found out (with help from @JavierLeon9966) that (in this case) the height integer was 32bit signed.
  • - Jason's CrashAndBan Plugin (which is currently archived)
What's new §
  • I wish there's a option for readme to not be a GIT
  • papa can you hear me...... FUCK NO

using v1.1.0
09 Aug 23

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