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Protect areas in your server
version 1.2.1
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Plugin Description §

CustomAreas is a PocketMine-MP plugin that provide players a way to protect their buildings using simple commands.

Current features:

  • Create private areas where other players cannot build
  • Provide protection for blocks, chests, doors and trapdoors inside the area
  • Whitelist for areas: an area owner can choose who can build in his zone
  • Support for multi-world
  • Bypass feature for OPs: they can edit other players areas (or use permission node customareas.bypass)
  • Easy to use
  • Configurable
  • Limit area size and number


Main Command: /customareas Aliases: /ca

  • /ca pos1 : set the first corner of the area
  • /ca pos2 : set the second corner of the area
  • /ca create : create an area with the current selection
  • /ca delete : delete the area where you are standing in (OPs can delete other players areas)
  • /ca whitelist add : add a player to the whitelist of the area where you are standing in (OPs can edit other players areas whitelist)
  • /ca whitelist remove : remove a player to the whitelist of the area where you are standing in (OPs can edit other players areas whitelist)
  • /ca whitelist list : see the list of the whitelisted players of the area where you are standing in (OPs can see other players areas whitelist)

Permission nodes:

  • customareas.command : use command /area (defaut: true)
  • customareas.bypass : use bypass feature to edit other players' areas (default: op)


# Max distance between the two corners of the area. Set 0 (zero) to disable
max-distance: 50
# Max number of areas that a player can have
area-limit: 2

position-conflict: "This position is inside another area"
pos1-set: "Position 1 set"
pos2-set: "Position 2 set"
sel-pos1: "Please select position 1"
sel-pos2: "Please select position 2"
different-levels: "Positions are in different levels"
max-areas: "You have too many areas"
big-area: "Your area is too big"
area-created: "Area created succesfully"
not-owner: "This is not your area"
area-deleted: "Area deleted"
stand-inside: "Stand inside your area and type this command to delete it"
insert-player: "Please specify a player"
wl-add: "Added to whitelist the player: "
stand-inside-wl: "Stand inside your area and type this command to modify the whiteList"
wl-remove: "Removed from whiteList the player: "
not-in-wl: " was not in this area whiteList"
notice: "This is {owner}'s private area"

using v1.2.1
12 Oct 21
Cool Plugin, but PLEASSSE add a world config where you can specify in which world you can get an area, a area entering message and Buy\Sell Areas. PLSSSS🤗🤗🤗🤗😀👍
using v1.2.1
26 Mar 20
Works well and helpful but kind of hard for new players trying to protect they’re base to figure out, maybe like a GUI or instructions or something? Idk it’s still a really good plugin!
using v1.2.1
01 Aug 19
Lets say i add this person to my whitelist: HydratedCobra21. Then he tries to break a block in my area and he can't. Why? beacause for some reason the person i saved is hydratedcobra21 when i run the /ca whitelist list command.
using v1.2.1
25 Apr 19
using v1.2.1
15 Dec 18
Great, I have been looking for this.
using v1.2.1
25 Jul 18
amazing a nice to use!

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