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Custom crafting recipes for PMMP.
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


This plugin has a graphical interface for creating crafting recipes. You will need to restart the server for new recipes to take effect. Also, there are commands for modifying items to make them have different names, etc.

This plugin requires DEVirion and the InvMenu virion installed. I will get the virion in my plugin asap, sorry for any inconvenience.


Opens custom craft GUI.

Item modification

These commands will modify the item in your hand.

/ccrename <name>

Lets you set the name of an item.

/ccrrelore <name>

Lets you set the lore of the item, {line} for line breaks.

/ccrecolor <r> <g> <b>

Lets you set the color of leather armor. Values from 0-255.


Makes item glow with enchant glint, without being enchanted.

using v1.0.0
07 Jan 21
Very nice plugin! But In can't use I've installed the virons but it dosen't work. :|
using v1.0.0
28 Dec 20

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Manage blocks/items

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