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A PocketMine-MP plugin that implements custom item
version 3.2.0
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Plugin Description §


Plugin for PocketMine-MP that makes your custom item with the full feature!


All of these components were came from MCPE addon document and

How to use

You can see all usage on here

You can see example on example folder

For the developers who want to create your own pluign

Please refer to this gist!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q. My client got crash

  • A. Maybe it was caused by the wrong setup on config or your texture pixel amount. Try to reduce texture pixel or check the config.

  • Q. Texture doesn't appear

  • A. Check my example on Example folder

  • Q. Item name is displayed wrongly

  • A. Make sure to register item name on en_US.lang or other language files

  • Q. I set its config correctly or I used an example but item texture does not appear

  • A. If you are using this plugin behind a proxy such as WDPE, you should run this plugin also on the lobby server. Also, please use CustomItemLoader-WDPE WaterdogPE plugin to prevent client crash.

What's new §
  • Fix custom armor load (#102)
  • Fixed crash when directory does not exist
  • Log exception when a custom items failed to load (#109)
  • fix armor slot (#103)
  • Fixed item display name was not visible
  • Implemented client-side cooldown
  • [BC Break] API Refactor
  • Release 3.1.0
  • Fixes the reverse logic of requiresHunger() and getCanAlwaysEat() (#99)
  • Release 3.0.0
  • Render offsets now works! (special thanks to @SleepSpace9)
  • This doesn't need now
  • [BC Break] Fixes for 1.19 changes
    • Known issue: When eating food, food bar does not synchronized with
    • server.
  • Fixed invalid regex (#97)
  • Initial refactor break logic according to PlayerAuthInput changes
  • Resolve resource pack compiling errors (#96)
  • Release 2.3.2
  • Remove protocol field
  • Fixed #84
  • Fixed #88
  • Fixed Default items are being registered twice (#86)
  • Support PM4
  • Bump protocol version (1.18.0)
  • Bump version
  • Do not cause error when registring item
  • Removed unused imports
  • Support attack point, closes #63
  • Add UpdateNotifier virion
  • Add foil component
  • Support armor (#25)
  • fix custom items texture (#65)
  • 1.17.30 support
  • Fix for 1.17.30 (not works btw, Please check #64 for details)
  • Implement Custom Tool (#49)
  • make CustomItemManager as singleton
  • Support PHP 7.4 and higher only

This update contains a lot of BC break. check the source code if you are using my API.

  • Make example more clear, removed wiki
  • Support 1.17.10
  • Bump protocol version
  • Added Proxy things on
  • feature: ItemBlock (#35) (this DOES NOT MEAN CUSTOM BLOCK, PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ISSUE)
  • Changes for 1.16.220
  • Bump protocol version & backport to PHP 7.3
  • New example resource pack
  • Release 1.3.0
    • Now Item durablity appears well
    • Now item can be eat
    • Closes #9
    • Closes #5
    • Closes #6

using v3.1.0
21 Jul 22
using v2.0.1
07 Apr 21
if you could update this to the new protocol that would be great, thanks
Staff Outdated
using v2.0.1
17 Mar 21
using v1.3.0
25 Jan 21
using v1.3.0
12 Jan 21

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @alvin0319
  • Contributors:
    • @HGRgamer
    • @PJZ9n
    • @SleepSpace9
    • @UnknownOre
    • @iteplenky
    • @jasonw4331
    • @sky-min
    • @sqmatheus
License §
Admin Tools
Manage blocks/items

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