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Custom NPC for pocket-mine servers
version 1.1.2
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Plugin Description §


CustomNPC plugin pocket-mine 1.17.X

Click on above picture to see tutorial video of the plugin.

This is an NPC plugin with super easy customization for pocket-mine.

Note: With this plugin, you will be able to set different emotes on different NPCs! (There are +15 emotes on this plugin!)

You need to enable the editor mode to customize your NPC! Using the (/npc edit) command, you can activate your editor mode and customize your NPC easily!

You can change the size - name using the settings manager button! You can also use the skin change option to change the skin of the NPC to the skin of any of the online players on the server without the need to use commands!

Another important feature of this plugin: You can create customizations for each NPC! This means that you can activate Cool Down or rotation for each NPC individually! (Via settings manager)

With the command manager system (UI) you can manage the commands of each NPC faster and easier! (Commands manager button)

Important Note: You must use the {rca} tag to execute the command from a player! You can also use the {player} tag to replace the player name!

These are two examples about how to add commands with above tags into NPC

For the first (Will show the player's money if EconomyAPI installed on server): {rca} {player} mymoney

And for the latter (Send a message with player's name from console): say Hello my name is {player}


  1. Put phar from Poggit into plugins folder
  2. Edit the Settings.yml file of plugin in plugin_data/CustomNPC
  3. You can change message and more stuff for the plugin in Settings.yml
  4. To spawn NPC use this command
  • /rca
    • Permission: customnpc.rca.permission
    • Default: Op
  • /npc
    • Permission: customnpc.permission
    • Default: Op
  • Note: To enable editor mode you need to use this command: /npc edit

Hope you enjoy using this plugin!


What's new §
  • Added protocol 465
  • Fixed bug removing emotes every time you change settings
  • Fixed some errors - bugs
  • Some other changes

using v1.1.2
02 Oct 21
The plugin is very god 👌
02 Oct 21
using v1.1.2
25 Sep 21
25 Sep 21
Nice :)
using v1.0.0
15 Sep 21
Easy to use plus with emotes also, nice
15 Sep 21
Thank you :)
using v1.0.0
11 Sep 21
12 Sep 21
Thx for 5 stars :)
using v1.0.0
11 Sep 21
Looks cool, but I already use SimpleNPC o: maybe one day u could make an addon for it?
11 Sep 21
I don't care what plugin you use for your server, if you have any suggest about the plugin, open issue in github.
Staff Outdated
using v1.0.0
11 Sep 21
Simple and intuitive to use! And +1 for the added support for emotes!
11 Sep 21
Thanks for your review :)

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