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Advanced Plugin to Customize your PvP Server
version 3.0.0
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Plugin Description §


⚔️CustomPVP: This is a advanced PvP plugin from a large project to implement various functions and pvp minigames for minecraft bedrock, every day new functions are corrected and implemented, this plugin is fully configurable and you can choose to disable or enable functions, some are also supported to multiworld, we hope you like it.


🪂AntiPvp Flight -- This function allows you to block the flight during pvp of players

🛑World PvP Blocker -- With this feature you can block pvp on the worlds you want

Attack Cooldown -- This addon allows you to set cooldown between player attacks

💉Death Effects -- Add effects when killing other players

Death Kick -- This is a simple and funny addon, but good for those who want it, it kicks the player off the server when dying

💖PvP HealthRestore -- Restores the player's full health when killing another

💲Kill Money -- Add money when killing players and remove it when dying

Kill Particles -- Adds particles when killing other players

🏆Kill Rewards -- This addon adds the possibility that when killing other players you receive customized items.

🎶Kill Sounds -- This function allows you to add sounds when killing other players

📏PvP Knockback -- Modify server KnockBack, the higher the more repulsion

🚀Leeching Mode -- Add the game mode that when hitting the player you steal life hearts from him.

💌Pvp Messages -- Modify death messages by other players on the server

🔴PvP PingKick -- If during pvp the player reaches the limit ping it will be removed from the server

🥣Soup PvP -- Add soup pvp mode with popup messages and custom soup id


➜ The plugin just put it in your server plugins folder and right after installing everything in the same folder, you can also configure config.yml folder, have downloaded a recent update case delete the old one config.yml , put a new version of the plugin and reinstall the server!


📒 • Plugin Wiki:

🔮 • Planned Updates:

📰 • Plugin Icon:

🚨 • Report Bugs:

What's new §

➜ The following addons have been added:
• AntiPvP Flight

• Per World PvP Blocker

• Death Effects

• PvP Death Kick

• Kill Money [Support Bedrock Economy and Economy API]

• Kill Rewards [Items]

• Kill Sounds

• PvP PingKick
➜ The following errors were fixed:

• Custom death messages not working

• Typos Errors

• Clean up code
➜ Check plugin Wiki for more:

➜ The following addons have been added:
• Health Restore

• Custom PvP Messages

• Soup PvP

• Kill Particles

• Custom Leeching Mode
➜ If you don't know how LeechingMode works, access our wiki:

using v1.0.0
18 Aug 22
Very good bro!! Keep it up and you'll be a very good dev!

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.3-PM4
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BedrockEconomy 2.0.8
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    • @CaioVox
    • @FernanACM
    • @Ihsan48
    • @PetterLight
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