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Easy To Use Customizable ShopUI for pmmp.
version 4.0.5
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10952 Downloads / 17930 Total
42 Reviews
Plugin Description §


This Plugin uses LibFormAPI No Need for FormAPI Plugin!

  • Easy to use
  • Custom, Simple, Free, Active!, Updated! Alt text


  • NEW! Shop Categories!
  • Make Unlimited Shops! (with Permissions) the commands turns into /shop (default shop in config) and /shop so Ex. /shop vip will take you to the VIP shop or whatever ones you make. Perfect for SkyBlock and Other Minigames with rankup Systems!
  • Categories
  • Items
  • Pictures
  • Buy/Sell Prices
  • Messages
  • Colors of All Text
  • Commands!
  • Type of Amount Input (Slider, StepSlider, TextBox, Toggle)
  • Enchants (Coming Soon..... "Can be Done Using Commands")
  • Make Suggestions!

#####Tired of restarting your server every time you need to make a small change?


  • The shop.yml can be Edited without server Restart and Take effect Immediately!
  • Disclaimer: If your Editor Saves as you type and someone uses the Shop it will Crash! you must make the changes and then Save them all at once!


We have a Website on there is a Image directory! YOU can use this if you dont know what an image is called in the game! just go to and find your image! This is a Free to use Service and Saves you time

If You would like a image on this DataBase Please send me the Image file! Email it to:


  • Requires EconomyAPI by ONEBONE!
  • any issues need to be reported on the github repo in the issues section OR at in the LiveChat! or BugReport Section!


  • Made by: SaltyPixelDevz
  • TeamMembers(That worked on this Project): AlexPads
  • Discord:
  • Website:
  • Want to Develop the with the SaltyPixel Dev Team! Contact me on discord! (Link Above) donate at ( Link above!)
What's new §
  • Fixes Major Bug
    • Fixes first and Last Categories being Unusable Marks Start of Many New Features aswell
      • IN GAME SETUP!?! New Config Design (Much more simple)
  • Update Version

Fix commands showing prices correctly!
Small bug fixes.

  • Bug Fix
  • 4.0.2 --> 4.0.3
  • Update/Bug Fix
    • Fixes BackButton Bugs 100% Hopefully
    • Enlarge Icon
    • Fix Other Small Bugs Remove Depricated Actions!
    • 4.0.1 --> 4.0.2
  • 3.5.7 --> 4.0.0
  • SubCategories
  • Limiting worlds!
  • Unlmited Shops!
  • Enchants With Commands!
  • Update! 70!
  • Update
    • 3.5.6 --> 3.5.7
    • Ability to Make Unlimited Shops!
    • CustomShop Names per Shop!
    • Permissions
    • Fix Thank you Message Bug Improved Error Reporting.
  • Fix 17:0 and 17:1 having same Names!
    • 3.5.5 --> 3.5.6
  • Bug Fix
    3.5.4 --> 3.5.5
  • Fixes Buying Commands Bug
  • Updates Command Flow
    • 3.5.3 ---> 3.5.4
  • Fixed Command Bug
    • 3.5.3 -> 3.5.4
  • Huge Update!
    • Code Reformat
    • 3.2.2 -> 3.5.0
    • Adds Commands
    • Reformats General Config Adds
    • More Custom Stuff Changes way Plugin Feels to make the Expirence New and Quick!
    • shop.yml Can Be Changed without Restart!
    • Many More things!
  • Small Update and Bug Fixes
    • 3.2.1 -> 3.2.2
  • Update shop.yml
    • Fixes Typo
  • Bug fix
    • Fix sell Bug on some
  • Update Version
    • 3.2.0->3.2.1
  • Update to 3.2.0
    • Fixes Buy issues
    • Fixes All Issues on Github
    • Looks better
    • more customization
    • so on and so forth
    • also rewrites parts of the code and cleans up the mess it was before
  • Fix
    • Updates ascii art
    • Fixes #7
  • Fix 2
    • Fixes #8
  • fix
    • Fixes #8
  • test
  • Fixes
    • Hopefully Fixes Message and Selling :)
  • Create .poggit.yml
  • Merge pull request #5 from Shelly7w7/master
    • Fix typo
  • Removes FormAPI Check as requested :)
  • Removes enable and Disable messages!
    • lol
    • Changes
      • Updates Code (Cleaner)
      • Updates to ADD IMAGES!!!!!
      • Updates Fixes bugs and back buttions
      • changes Discord and Website Links!
      • Updates adds a few more small things fixes String issues and NO MORE ISSUES IN CONSOLE !!!!!
      • Updates to add Only working in survival setting on Config :)
  • Update Fix Error and Reject 👍
  • Update
  • Updates!
  • V2.0.7
  • adds depend to plugin.yml as requested :)
    • OK !
  • lol
  • 2.0.5
    • fixes metadata
    • fixes 1st item not working all the time
  • 2.0.4
    • Adds Message at Shop Close
    • Fix Common error with Depend Function
    • Saves all Files on Startup Properly :) Fixes all GitHub Issues (and Discord Ones)

using v4.0.5
24 Mar 20
Do you possibly have a list of default textures since yours no longer works? ive tried to get wool to show a texture but no matter what name i try i couldn't get it to work. color_wool,wool_color and a few others. Other than missing textures great plugin!
using v4.0.5
01 Mar 20
Great plugin, works extremely well, instructions are easy to read and follow, and most textures/names match! Only suggestion i have is if you could make it to were you could buy a chest with certain items in them. Overall great plugin!
02 Mar 20
Thanks for the suggestion, might get added to the re-write
using v4.0.5
29 Feb 20
Great plugin has always been my go to shopui, question, in one of the reviews you said it is faster to use the default game textures instead of the ones from how do i use the default ones? do i just put the item id or?
02 Mar 20
Most of the items are already using the default textures. Plus that website is down as of now..
using v4.0.5
25 Feb 20
02 Mar 20
Thank you!
using v4.0.5
09 Feb 20
The Spawn Eggs are not labeled!
21 Feb 20
You can set custom labels in the config please do not rate poorly for things that are easily fixed. The default config is not perfect and you are getting a very good plugin for free.
using v4.0.5
28 Jan 20
No i mean when i try to go to the website it takes me to freenom website and i cant view the texture list
29 Jan 20
Yes I know. There will be an update soon. That site expired and I have not moved the files to another site yet as it is unreasonable and you should just use the built in textures as they will 99% of the time load in, while images can take quite a long time to load in.
using v4.0.5
07 Jan 20
Saved my ass!
12 Jan 20
Good! Hope the re-write coming soon can save you even more!
using v4.0.5
04 Jan 20
very good plugin! keep it up!
12 Jan 20
Thanks!! Be ready for the re-write!
using v4.0.5
25 Nov 19
It crashes Everytime I try to buy something , my server is also running 1.13
26 Nov 19
It is most likely and issue with your 1.13 fork as I can get this to run on my fork just fine :)
using v4.0.5
20 Oct 19
This is a great plugin But there's something wrong with it I hope it can be improved
25 Oct 19
Can you please leave an issue so that i know what needs to be fixed?
using v4.0.5
12 Oct 19
14 Oct 19
Thanks! Be ready for the huge update coming eventually!
using v4.0.5
25 Sep 19
26 Sep 19
Thank you!
using v4.0.5
20 Sep 19
Again, love this plugin. However is it possible to disable the “Buy” option for certain items so the player can only sell that particular item and not be able to buy it?
24 Sep 19
This will be possible once I fully finish and test the amazing new update!
using v4.0.5
15 Sep 19
Good Plugin
16 Sep 19
Thanks stay tuned for the Huge overhaul that coming!
using v4.0.5
03 Sep 19
i cant change the spawners (i cant change prices of spawners or remove or add spawners)
06 Sep 19
Please dont rate poorly because you dont understand configs! make an issue on the GitHub and i can help!
using v4.0.5
20 Aug 19
Its amazing. But I need help with something. Whats your discord? idk how to explain I just need to show you. My discord is Nachos500#3131
21 Aug 19
Thanks my discord is
using v4.0.5
10 Aug 19
great plugin but how do i add or delete item in shop
21 Aug 19
You can edit that in the Shop.yml :)
using v4.0.5
29 Jul 19
Love it!
29 Jul 19
Thanks its only going to get better!
using v4.0.5
14 Jun 19
Fix the picture of lapis_lazuli, nether_rack and other. I can't use the picture
19 Jun 19
Please make sure you are typing the Textures correctly! i am not at fault here.... please rethink your review.
using v4.0.5
07 Jun 19
great plugin! I'm curious on how to add custom .png though as some textures wont load and some salty ones are not available . Other than that thank you for this Alex :-)
19 Jun 19
You are very welcome Huge update coming Eventually.
using v4.0.4
25 Apr 19
26 Apr 19
Thank You
using v4.0.4
21 Apr 19
22 Apr 19
Thank You!
using v4.0.4
16 Apr 19
17 Apr 19
Thank you!
using v4.0.3
16 Apr 19
Great Plugin but, how do i change sell price?
17 Apr 19
You can change sell prices and Literally Anything in the Shop.yml
using v4.0.3
14 Apr 19
This plugin is super useful! Thanks Alex!
15 Apr 19
using v4.0.1
30 Mar 19
Very good plugin, thanks for sharing!
04 Apr 19
Thank you! Love yours to!
using v3.5.7
22 Mar 19
Its a great plugin!! But I wanna know how can I add more stuff and also add commands I really like this plugin Tho :D
22 Mar 19
You can edit the shop.yml you can add to it and remove from it at the top of the file it tells you the format that the new Things you add should be in Also don't forget that there are unlimited shops! (There will be a tutorial coming out soon on YT)
using v3.5.7
13 Mar 19
add the option to turn off sell only if you have /sellall plugin
15 Mar 19
OHH I get it now and ok makes sense will do :)
using v3.5.7
12 Mar 19
How change the sell price I just see the buy price
12 Mar 19
"4:0:64:50:2:Default:textures/blocks/cobblestone" see where the 2 is? all by itself its the number right before the pictures It tells you in the Directions at the top of the shop.yml file where to change things! Please don't leave 4 star reviews for issues that are not my fault.
using v3.5.6
04 Mar 19
Excellent! Since everything is fixed it's just perfect!!
11 Mar 19
Thank you! Also try Version 3.5.7 It Has Extra Shops Using the /shop vip (or whatever extra shops you make!)
using v3.5.6
04 Mar 19
What a great plugin. Truely one of the best plugins on poggit. Expect more cool features soon. :o
04 Mar 19
Thank you! and yes Many More Cool things Coming Soon!
using v3.5.5
03 Mar 19
You need add possibility to change the price for the sell
04 Mar 19
You can Change Anything! Pictures Prices Sell Prices Please rethink Your Rating! and Leave issues in the GitHub if Possible.
using v3.5.4
01 Mar 19
one error after another, even with the default, cant't get it to work. :(
01 Mar 19
Leave the errors in the Github I will fix them how can I fix them when I don't know what they are.
using v3.5.3
18 Mar 20
Second time giving 5 stars, i dont rate things bad just bc im too dumb to figure stuff out. But when i put enchants in, i works for me (as an op player) but doesnt work for my non-op players
using v3.5.3
21 Feb 19
To be honest , one of the best plugins!
21 Feb 19
Thank you!!! be ready for 3.5.4 it has a few bug fixes~! and speed updates!
using v3.5.3
20 Feb 19
Can I also make a offer like "Epic Key" and then a Command like "/givekey {buyer} vote 1" will be executed?
21 Feb 19
YES! you can execute any command as the Console or the Player! Thank you also why 4 stars though xD
using v3.2.2
09 Feb 19
Good plug-in, I've taken a look at other plugins and I have to say, your plug-in seems to have the most features out of almost all of your competition. Can't wait for back buttons in the next update!
14 Feb 19
Thank you! Also in the next update are coming a Brand NEW Config design and Command support! and Pictures on the Categories FINALLY!
using v3.2.1
25 Jan 19
You need to add back button in the main shop menu and in the categories menus, and you need to add cancel button in the Buy/Sell menu.
17 Feb 19
Fixed But Wait for 3.5.3 :) or use the Dev section to get the latest version
using v3.2.0
31 Dec 18
Works like a charm.
09 Jan 19
using v3.2.0
26 Dec 18
Same reason, going to issues.
05 Jan 19
whats the issue i dont see one
using v2.0.4
01 Apr 20
Great plugin the best ive used saves time and braincells just a suggestion pls make it do that the items that are being sold are different for each world :)
using v2.0.3
16 Nov 18
Too many bugs and errors...
16 Nov 18
Please Put this in the Issues section on GitHub and Explain i will fix them

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