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A PocketMine-MP plugin that logs inventory contents of players right before their death (API 4)
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


A plugin that logs players' inventory contents on death for future retrieval.
Handy for server administrators who may want to refund items that players have lost to hackers, bugs, and the likes.

How it works?

When a player dies, their inventory and armor inventory contents are logged and are assigned an ID. The player's personal death inventory logs list can be accessed by running /dil history <player> [page=1].

> dil history BoxierChimera37
Death Entries Page 1
1. #5 logged on 2021-10-15 02:43:20
2. #2 logged on 2021-10-15 02:18:58
3. #1 logged on 2021-10-15 02:17:36

The number to right of number sign (#) is the ID of their death's inventory log. Inventory and armor inventory contents linked to a player's specific death can be accessed by running /dil retrieve <id>

> dil retrieve 5
This command can only be executed in-game.

This command can be used only in-game because it opens an inventory GUI containing contents of the player's inventory during their time of death. Items can be added and removed from this inventory GUI, however the death inventory log per se is unmodifyable. When the log is retrieved again, you'll notice items in the log inventory GUI laid out exactly the way they originally were, despite items being taken out of that inventory GUI.

Integrating with DeathInventoryLog

For plugins that would like to integrate with DeathInventoryLog to log manually handled player deaths, such as logging deaths from "Combat Logger NPCs", there isn't a sane method to do so yet other than directly accessing the database interface of this plugin in this way (PRs are welcome!):

/** @var Loader $plugin */
$plugin = $server->getPluginManager()->getPlugin("DeathInventoryLog");

/** @var Item[] $inventory */		// = Living::getInventory()->getContents()
/** @var Item[] $armor_inventory */	// = Living::getArmorInventory()->getContents()
/** @var UuidInterface $uuid */		// = Player::getUniqueId()
$plugin->getDatabase()->store($uuid, new DeathInventory($inventory, $armor_inventory), function(int $id) : void{
	echo "Logged death inventory, use '/dil history {$id}' to access this log";

UUID to Gamertag (and vice-versa) Translation

DeathInventoryLog stores players' death inventory logs indexed by their UUIDs. By default, DeathInventoryLog maintains a UUID => Gamertag mapping in a local database (located at plugin_data/DeathInventoryLog/uuid_gamertag_translations.sqlite). This mapping is used to translate player gamertag specified during /dil history <player> to a UUID. This UUID is then seached in the database containing all death inventory logs.

If you maintain a UUID <-> Gamertag mapping already and do not like how there's this another database being maintained by this plugin and causing data redundancy, and you also happen to have some knowledge in the field of programming plugins for PocketMine-MP, you can write your own GamertagUUIDTranslator implementation and set it to DeathInventoryLog in the following way:

/** @var Loader $plugin */
$plugin = $server->getPluginManager()->getPlugin("DeathInventoryLog");

/** @var GamertagUUIDTranslator $my_custom_translator */ 

GamertagUUIDTranslator is asynchronous-friendly, so you can translate between uuids and gamertags without necessarily blocking the main thread while at it.

What's new §
  • /dil retrieve now displays time in 24-hour format
  • Added support for Bedrock v1.12.10
  • Dropped support for Bedrock < v1.12.10
  • Fixed a crash when retrieving a log containing items that PM5 is no longer able to deserialize
  • Added support for offhand inventory
  • Added support for PocketMine-MP v5.0.0
  • Dropped support for PocketMine-MP v4.x.x
  • Updated dependencies to ensure compatibility with >= v1.19.50
  • Updated dependencies

using v0.2.2
18 Aug 23
using v0.1.0
26 Dec 22
using v0.0.2
23 Jun 22

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